Homemade Bolognese Lasagna (Emilia Romagnia Style) with Spinach and Homemade Pasta

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Apr 27, 2017
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So I got a Marcato Atlas 180 pasta machine for my birthday and have been itching to use it. Well, dinner party Thursday night so time to use it. I knew what wine we would be drinking and it would go perfect with Lasagna. This is my great grandmother's recipe. She always just put the spinach as a layer instead of making green pasta dough (easier, but taste the same once baked).

The Spinach salads...

Me rolling out the pasta with my new machine...


Assembled and baked...

The plate...

Opened a bottle of the Super Tuscan I made with my Uncle 11 months ago. Excellent pairing with the lasagna.
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Looks tasty for sure! I'd stay away from the scale for a couple days though.

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Looks tasty for sure! I'd stay away from the scale for a couple days though.

Thanks Bh!
Fantastic Keith! I've got to use my pasta maker more often. Hmm. We are having spaghetti tonight.
I had a cheap knockoff pasta machine years ago, but it wore out fast. Glad I finally have a good one. Nothing beats fresh pasta when cooking Italian IMO.
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Looks great . I have the 150 wellness . I love it .
Did you boil first or build it raw ? I've done it both ways . Just wondering .
Gonna be time for Lasagna ,,,, Nice work .

My Son just bought a pasta press for his stand mixer .
Pretty cool .
I usually just build it raw with fresh pasta because it cooks in no time and I like that the pasta will soak up moisture in the lasagna. Not a fan of runny bolognese....
I have my Noni's old Atlas, which still works perfectly, although it's a little loose and clunky. (my brother is borrowing it right now, so I can't post a pic.)

Then last week I happen to stop by the Habitat for Humanity store in town, and scored a new Atlas for $22 minus the box. (I should've bought all eight of them to resell).
And man, they are still building them like a tank.
I will some day pass both of them down to my niece and nephew, seeing I don't have kids.

Great post, Goomba.
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