Creative Italian Fun: Deep Dish Stuffed Crust Lasagna Pizza (Pics)

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I think I need a couple of those little CI pans...ENABLER!
Guilty as charged!! Those CI pans are perfect for single serving portions. with some meals Tracy will have leftovers for lunch the next day. she got those for me a long time ago and I don't know where from. They have The Food Network stamped on the bottom if that helps.

That looks great my friend. Love the square cast iron baking pan, think I'll have to pick one up!
Thanks buddy but I suggest you get two of them. They are perfect for single servings but I don't think you and Dana could both have a fulfilling meal with one.

Your culinary creativity rises to the top of the charts Robert, I'd be all over that plate, nice work!
Thank you my friend. I appreciate the kind words. Honestly, I think you'd really enjoy these even though they break pretty much every Italian tradition in the books.

Looks great TX.... May I say, you wasted an entry into the superbowl throwdown that could have possibly took 1st place....... I would definitley eat
Thank you very much. I appreciate the accolades but the theme of the Throwdown is finger food. I think I'd be hard pressed to cut these into bite sized pieces and have them stay together :emoji_laughing:

What cool meal Robert. I don't know how you have time to work making all those ingredients. Now I have to be on the lookout for small, single serve CI pans....damn it!
Thank you Cliff!! Although I have a job I don't typically work many hours. That affords me time to play with my food :emoji_astonished:

As for the CI skillets, maybe if snakehead snakehead and/or SherryT SherryT find them they'll let you know where. they are great little things to have. you can adjust each one to different people's tastes but still have similar meals.

Robert, its like you are a kid in a candy store with a huge smile as you make up things you dream up at night...... That is a cool dish anyway you look at it!

PS you won't get it at the Automat either.....LOL
Thank you very much. I appreciate the accolades but the theme of the Throwdown is finger food. I think I'd be hard pressed to cut these into bite sized pieces and have them stay together :emoji_laughing:

Looked like finger food to me........ :emoji_thumbsup:
I have a couple lodge pans.


8.5"by 4.5" Not my picture. I'm not at home. I've used them for meatloaf and lasagna.
Great pans. I'm going to try this asap!
Great idea Robert and what a flavor bomb, and just look at the cheese oozing from the crust! I’d demolish it for sure!
Oh I found them, but they're STUPID expensive!

The best price I've found for Lodge is here at Amazon

There are a couple of other square minis (Winco brand), but the reviews don't look so good...coating flaking off (looks more like paint to me)...

Of course, you could order a case of 12 from WebrestaurantStore, but their shipping would be outrageous.

I'm on the lookout though! :emoji_wink:
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Very Very Cool Robert
That is a fantastic take on a lasagna pizza whatever it / you might want to call it.

Just not anything in that I would not love , except maybe the size, I guess I would just have to have 2

Love the pan,
I found in our $$ store the Betty Crocker ones that I made my Cornbread Chili Casserole in
They are $4 each and heavy cast. I have used them a couple times , and so far great

I think I am going to go and pick up a few more

23.JPG DSC_6456.JPG

Perfect dish! You guys are making me miss Chicago!!! But I’d say you and Jeff give them some serious competition! Love the stuffed crust move, perfect and beautiful!
Thanks so much Jed but once again the praise exceeds the meal. We do love the stuffed crust aspect though when I make pizza so thought it may meld well with this one. It did :emoji_wink:

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Robert, that looks top notch buddy and your creativity is admired… Wow, that is just awesome, nicely done!
Thank you Justin. I appreciate the kind words sir. this one was fun and I'd say a bit on the creative side. The nice thing is that it came out well.

As usual, you continue to amaze and humble me! about being humbled. I certainly amnow. cannot tell you how much I appreciate the sentiments.
So how did you get them out of the pans? With cornbread I just flip the pan over and the bread just falls out, but I'm not sure about this...
It was actually very easy. Not wanting to take ANY chances, I sprayed the CI pans with non-stick cooking spray in the beginning. When I took them off the grill I let them sit for a few minutes to firm up then went around the edges with a knife to make sure none of the cheese was stuck to the pan. Then just turned up on edge and slid a spatula into the skillet and the whole thing just came right out. No issues at all...hank God. I'd have been crushed if they had gone to pieces on me.,
As with others, now I'm ready to look for the C.I. pans.
There are several options noted later in this thread from folks. We love those little CI skillets and use them a lot.

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