Creative Italian Fun: Deep Dish Stuffed Crust Lasagna Pizza (Pics)

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
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Sven ( Sven Svensson Sven Svensson ) you might want to turn back now my friend. This one might send you over the edge buddy :emoji_wink:

This is another one with a lot of detail so it's gonna get a bit lengthy.

So...I'm blaming this one on that deviant enabler jcam222 jcam222 for starting the insane trend of over-the-top pizzas, which was followed by more crazy pizzas. I got a serious craving for pizza yesterday and by the time it hit me it was too late to make the dough. Sipping on a cold barley pop I wondered how I could make a pizza without traditional dough. Hmmm...I can make pasta dough pretty quick. Now to figure out how to put it together into a cohesive dish. Let's get started on the pasta dough and I'll figure something out along the way.

The dough all made.

Three 125 gram dough balls weighed out. I have no idea why 125 grams, it just seemed like the right size dough ball.

Turned out that two were enough. The lasagna sheets rolled out.

Lay them into CI baking dishes, press into place, and line the edges with thick slices of Cooper sharp white American cheese.

Fold the edges of the pasta over, press into place, and use a little water on your finger to seal the edges.

Onion, red bell pepper, and Pepperonchini peppers.

A package of my spicy Italian sausage lightly browned and drained.

Sausage into the CI pan.

Bell pepper, onions, and a nice drizzle of marinara.



More marinara.

A mountain of mozz, pepperonchinis, and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper. Now onto the grill running about 325.

It's cold, nasty, overcast, and trying to rain. Not much into outdoor pics, but about 25 minutes later, they are done.

Now for the moment of truth: can I get them out of the pans without them cratering? Success!!


Oh baby!! Exactly what I hoped for from the outset.

Close up....after I'd taken a couple bites :emoji_laughing:

What can I say? This was unique, creative, a ton of fun, and absolutely delicious. I had my reservations about the pasta working for this but it turned out to be the perfect vessel. All of that melted cheesy gooey goodness was off the charts. This is another one where pretty much everything was homemade: the pasta all three of the sausages, and the marinara. You're just not gonna get that from carry-out or delivery :emoji_laughing: I gotta say, this was one of the more fun meals I've put together and one of the best renditions of authentic Italian flavors. Needless to say, we were happy :emoji_wink:

Calling this one done finally. Weekend chores await. Y'all take care and have a great weekend.

Your culinary creativity rises to the top of the charts Robert, I'd be all over that plate, nice work! RAY
Looks fantastic Robert.

Point for sure
Looks great TX.... May I say, you wasted an entry into the superbowl throwdown that could have possibly took 1st place....... I would definitley eat
What cool meal Robert. I don't know how you have time to work making all those ingredients. Now I have to be on the lookout for small, single serve CI pans....damn it!
Perfect dish! You guys are making me miss Chicago!!! But I’d say you and Jeff give them some serious competition! Love the stuffed crust move, perfect and beautiful!
Robert, that looks top notch buddy and your creativity is admired… Wow, that is just awesome, nicely done!
As usual, you continue to amaze and humble me!
So how did you get them out of the pans? With cornbread I just flip the pan over and the bread just falls out, but I'm not sure about this....
As with others, now I'm ready to look for the C.I. pans.
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Robert that’s phenomenal and YES the plating and pics are top notch. Nice work!
Thank you very much my friend but you're being overly generous with the praise. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you where plating and presentation are concerned :emoji_wink:

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