Homemade Lasagna.....Again.....

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Apr 27, 2017
South Louisiana-Yes, it is HOT
I feel like Garfield! Soooooo good when it is homemade from scratch with fresh pasta too! Bolognese is made with 1# venison/beef grind, 1# Antelope/Pork Grind, and about 1/4# Pancetta Stagionata sliced into small lardoons. Inda pot to brown...

Everybody inda pot...

Simmered on the stove for 5 hours...

The Plate:



This one was even better than the last one I made! WOW! I'll have to try and duplicate this one because it was a outstanding!

Great bottle of wine too....a Bordeaux style Cabernet from Clos Du Val Napa Valley...
You are killing me Kieth. I shy away from pasta generally, but Lasagna, if it’s good, is a weak spot for me because it’s delicious, and yours looks darn delicious. Now I’m hungry,,,,,,, again.
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Looks great! I'm thinking that will be on our menu soon!
Thanks Steve!

NIce work . Good ratio of sauce also . Yup , I'm overdue for some myself .
Thanks chop! I made both the Bolognese and the Bechamel on Sunday. It sat in the fridge for a few days. I'm thinking that is what put it over the top awesome.
Yes sir! Thats a great looking lasagna.

Thanks Jim! I have a weak spot for northern Italian style lasagna.
Man, that looks GOOD!!!!

not sure if you did this, but the wife here puts red wine in with that simmering sauce/meat.....it is one more layer of flavor! you could call it the 5.2 layers of goodness.... LOL
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Thanks civil. Both the wine and the home made pancetta elevate the dish to excellence. In fact, lasagna is one of the main reasons I made the pancetta in the first place!
I'm in the same camping spot. My wife will often sweet the shallots for her sauce in bacon fat if not pancetta. Oh and your meat ratio is right on!
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Yes'sir! We too love a tasty lasagna!
Yours looks like I'd be eyeing a third helping.

Nice job doing it with the game meats, but I inquire as to whether the oft subtle flavors of such are lost in the complexity of the dish?
The game meat flavor was more subdued....but enhanced a little with the dry aged pancetta. Definitely a lot of flavor on the plate.
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