Fall adventure lead to some great wood oven pizza..

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Sep 2, 2010
My wife and I are football fans.  This year we traveled to Dallas to see the Bears in Dallas, multiple trips to see her almamator (sp?) Northern Illinois play and a trip to see a high school football game at the Wisconsin-Michigan border towns of Menominee and Marionette to see one of the oldest high rival football games (Link to article about this http://www.midwestsportsfans.com/2010/10/the-m-and-m-game/ )  

We were lucky enough to have been hosted by Ray and his family, who promised "Brick Oven Pizza" for dinner.   An all day process that I found interesting and very tasty .  Please enjoy the tale of the process........

Four acts total of 25 minutes

Comments always appreciated....


Looks yummy! We have a big round 22 " pizza stone that fits right in our weber kettle. Get the heat up to around 600 and throw on a few hickory chunks. Slide a pizza on to the hot stone. Takes about 6-8 minutes and you have a pizza as good as any brick oven. The video was a nice touch.
best way to cook a pizza......................need to build one.

Hey I made a pizza yesterday too. Now it wasn't cooked in a brick oven it was cooked it a regular oven thou. I put some of my homemade sausage and bacon thou.
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I keep telling Ma Dutch that one day I'm going to build me an outdoor kitchen. One of the "must haves" is a wood fired pizza oven.

Thanks for sharing the videos with us David!
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