GMG pizza oven attachment success in Camp Chef pellet grill SE aka PG24SE

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Oct 22, 2011
Like several people, I like both the pizza oven attachment and the green mountain grills pellet grill enough that I wanted a dedicated home for the pizza oven. The punchline was that the pizza oven attachment was what convinced me to track down a good deal on a 2nd hand GMG.

So i trolled around a bit for a week or so and found someone selling a 5-or-6-year-old camp chef SE for $50.

Filthy but totally functional. Basic knob control with an LED that is red or green.

The pizza oven attachment was not a complete slam-dunk. The fire pot is a little bit more forward in the camp chef, or the shelf for the grate has a little more depth, or both.

I went to the habitat re-store and spent a dollar on a random painted steel angle bracket of about 2"x1"x23" and cut it down to roughly 22" length, and this allowed me to mount the GMG pizza oven attachment without drama or much risk of it becoming a fiddly issue.

i am still getting the hang of temperature control. Camp Chef has a long skinny temperature sensor mounted high in the cooking chamber, as opposed to the short stubby GMG sensor mounted under the grate.

It looks like maybe the camp chef has to be set to "hi" for my napoli style pizzas.

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