Call it what you want sandwich .

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Boy that does look good Rich. Any dipping sauce to with it.
Thanks Chris . No I didn't need any sauce with it , but you could .
Looks great Rich and I definitely have to break out the stretchy pants after that
No doubt . If I don't change something I'm gonna be in stretchy pants all the time .
Thanks for lookin .
Well, that looks damn good. Could easily see my self eating way to much of that.
Thanks . Some pretty bold flavors there . I stopped at one , Son had 2 .
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That’s one awesome and tasty looking whatever you want to call it Rich… I’d be all over a few slices of that… Nice plated shot too!
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Thanks Cliff .

I thought about the pizza oven , but I'd have to make them smaller . Just got a new Range . It cooks really even , but I'm having issues with it putting color on bread items . Just another learning curve .

He sent me some last Oct. Got it going around November . It's more addicting than anything else . Last week was a Boule ,
I've been baking (with yeast) on and off for a number of years. Decided to give sourdough a whirl this winter and after my starter died Rick sent me some.

Do you want more browning? If so, try a dough conditioner such as diastatic malt.
Yup . That fermented dough and all the flavors work great together , but the hot salami is what really makes it .
Thanks for looking . Try that dough for a pizza . You can cut the salt back without issue .
I'll try pizza dough this summer. Got a sack of 0000 flour up North.
That’s one awesome and tasty looking whatever you want to call it
Lol . Thanks Justin . Appreciate that .
Do you want more browning? If so, try a dough conditioner such as diastatic malt.
I'll check that out . I have a few more test runs to do .
Just got a new range , and it has the hidden bake element . So I'm not sure if that's causing the lighter loaves or what . Need to learn it like anything else I guess .
Might need to try it on convection to see what that does .
thanks Dave . If you've never had hot salami on a sandwich , change that . It's great .

It's good Jim . Thanks for the comments .

Damn, that looks kill'er!!

Growing up, my Mom worked at our family restaurant in SF, she would pick us up from school and take us back to the restaurant and make us work for our weekly allowance. After my brother and I were done scrubbing a bushel of baker potatoes, each, and, peeling half and wiping the other half down with olive oil and wrapping them in foil for bakers, we would get to eat whatever we wanted. The Chef on duty would cook us what ever we wanted, I always ordered a bucket of steamed clams, and my brother would always take a fried
salami, cut 1/2'' thick or more, provolone with grilled peppers, and onion sandwich on a hard sourdough roll.

I always thought he was weird, until one day he was sick and couldn't finish it, so I stepped in to "help him out" by eating the second half. We were brought up that if you took food from anywhere, you had to finish it, thank God he couldn't finish his that day. Still almost 50+ yrs later, thick cut fried salami, provolone, and peppers and onions is in my top five sandwiches.

I also cut salami into 3/4'' slices and grill them over coals until they crisp up then add a slice of provolone, and a slice of grilled, and yellow mustard on sourdough slider buns. Everyone that has thumbed their nose over them, quickly became worshipers after tasting them.

I call them Dan's Dego burgers/ sliders, they are what friends ask me to make at get togethers.

Ground or small cubed chopped salami, peperoni or both mixed with ground beef make "KILL'ER" burgers as well, I prefer the small diced over ground.

Try it out, you'll see what I'm talking about, they are both amazing!!!
That is what I am afraid of, My A1C hit 8.0, not good. Bread is the biggest weakness for me in any form, more than any sweets.
I had a "PNS/ Physician Nutrition Specialist" explain it to me like this, you can't eat enough bread for it to alter your A1C, it's either a combination of many things you're eating or it's hereditary, plain and simple.

I eat bread damn near as often as I'd like now, but try to watch my every day meal preparations.

Talk with a PNS, not a cardiologist or gen practitioner, they don't spend anywhere near enough time in school learning about nutrition to be preaching it like the gospil, like most do, it was life changing for my family.

Good luck.
I must make this, I'll also make a 2nd with Boar's Head Sopressata Piccante and smoked Mozzarella because I'm extra lol. This will give me a reason to break out the commercial grade meat deli slicer I bought on Offerup 4 months ago. Ralph's has Boar's Head Bianco D'Oro Italian Dry Salami, I could eat the entire stick sliced up in 1 sitting :D

And for anyone who ever sees it in the deli section, the Sopressata I mentioned is soooooo good. It says Piccante, but it's not what I'd call spicy. They have regular and sweet versions too.
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Yup, called it many things , but always good. And I could chew up
that one for sure. I like the end cuts , so can pick up in hands to eat
Thanks David .
That looks so good!!
Great flavors for sure .
Man, that sure looks good. Gonna add that to the ever growing list of things to try.
You got to try it . I used to get a peppered salami ( Boars head ) at Schnucks . That would be good in this .
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That looks killer!
Thanks Keith . Appreciate that .
Damn, that looks kill'er!!
Thanks !!

, thick cut fried salami, provolone, and peppers and onions is in my top five sandwiches.
Great memory and story .
Hot salami is killer . I've fried thin slices , then stacked them up on a sandwich . It's a must have on a grilled cheese for me . I'll definitely try the thick cut grilled .
There's a place here in the hill section of St. Louis , Gioia's deli that's famous for a hot salami sandwich .
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