correct use sodium erythorbate in sausage mix and wet brines

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Jan 12, 2024
Just as the title reads, any correct info appreciated
Would like the education
for example
I currently dissolve in h2o, along with pink cure and add to mix
Correct amounts, correct use thx in advance
.05% to meat weight (.5g/Kg)

Also I add it last as an ingredient and would not mix it directly with cure #1 in H2O. Erythorbate is a great preservative but it does also act as a cure accelerator.
Can it be used in liquid brine
I'd be inclined to think that if you are injecting the meat with it, it would be fine, but maybe not in a cover brine.
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I use it in all of my injection brining, but would be very counter productive in a cover brine because the SE will burn up the nitrites before they could fully penetrate the meat.

I have used it in dry brines (dry rub) and everything has always cured fine up to 2” thick. Cover brines work much slower.
I use all the time and works great. ONLY have injected tho (Omak style cure + SE). Doubt cover brine would fully cure. Color is better and flavor gets a bump too but still cannot describe exactly what it does which is kinda odd for me.

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