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Aug 27, 2020
Looking to start adding ECA to my sticks and summer. In terms of mixing, I'd like to grind/mix the product (omitting the ECA) and then let rest overnight, next day add the ECA with a bit of water, lightly mix, and then stuff and smoke. I'm assuming this will be just fine.

I was researching and ECA needs heat to breakdown and become an "accelerator", I cold smoke most of my sausages for 8 hours then finish in SV. Being that I'm cold smoking, the eca wouldn't be activated as an accelerator while the meat is technically in the danger zone. Hence why I was going to mix and let meat cure and add ECA next day and stuff/smoke.

I'm not able to get sodium erythrobate currently, othewise I'd do it all in one day using that.

Just curious if I'm overthinking this or if I'm correct in my approach.
You're on the right tract but dont add water with the ECA. The coating of the ECA starts to dissolve to release the CA around the 130* mark so you will need to have heat to do that. IMHO I would not cold smoke then SV, you may not get the results from the ECA you are looking for.
I use ECA in one sausage I make but it is not smoked. It gets stuffed into fibrous casings and directly finished in SV. It works fine in this way.
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