Condiments and Additions to Hot Dogs - What's your story?

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Growing up, when Mom, a Real Coal Miner's Daughter, said we were having Barbecue for Supper, THIS is what Mom meant. We add Heinz Chili Sauce instead of Ketchup and GULDEN's Spicy Brown Mustard. That and I make 4 Pounds of Beef at a time! Everyone eats 2 sandwiches, with Chips and Pickles, then want Leftovers for the next couple of days.
MOM'S BBQ is Amazing, eaten Cold by Refer Light, at 3AM after a hard night of Beer Drinkin' and Hell Raisin'!!!...JJ
I have always loved hot dogs.
A toastie doggie is still a comfort food from school food days. Ketchup (catsup?) was the only offered condiment back then. Now, I prefer mustard with a little ketchup.
My favorite hot dogs come from Costco. I don't remember the brand from the early days, but the Kirkland brand dinner franks are top notch.

Now a good bratwurst demands fried sauerkraut and mustard only. I tried ketchup once and it really sucked
ketchup is for kids....but to each his own.., try horseradish mustard on the dog that will light you up a little.

My Grandfather and Father were North Dakota coal miners. No recipes out of those camps I recall.
Father left the mines after getting drafted into WWII and never returned.

My Mother used to cook for annual spring AG (agriculture) open house and seminar (family business) and when she served hot dogs, it was always Peters Meat wieners from St Paul. Great hot dogs, but never got the irony till many years later.
ketchup is for kids....but to each his own.., try horseradish mustard on the dog that will light you up a little.

Ketchup is all they offered in school lunch. It is that comfort food memory that makes me mix it with mustard
Odd timing, as our morning coffee club had the discussion on horseradish, today.
So many people brag about hot chilies, but a good horseradish will get them crying as babies.
So many people brag about hot chilies, but a good horseradish will get them crying as babies.
Yeah , Scoville scale for peppers , they need one for horseradish that goes by how long you loose your eye site after taking a bite .

LOL...When I was a preteen, my Uncle was taking me to a Hardware Store to get, something. Between my feet in the front seat was a small bag. I picked it up and pulled out a Mason jar of Red Beet Horseradish.
Now in my family you start eating Red Beet Horseradish on Kielbasa and Ham, from a young age. I was very familiar with, " Store Bought ", Red Beet Horseradish.
I asked my Uncle about it and he said he had just made a batch and that jar was for a friend. I asked if it was good? He said, of course, try it! Well...I opened the Jar and as is my habit of Smelling everything before I taste it, I took a Big Nose Full...HOLY CRAP!!! My Eyes Burned and Tears flowed down my face! My Nose started to Gush and I COUGHED so Hard and Long I could barely catch my Breath!!!😲😨
I thought my Uncle was going to Pee his Pants Laughing!😂
My God that was some STRONG HORSERADISH! I didnt know, at the time, the longer you wait to add Vinegar to fine ground Horseradish, the more Deadly Potent, it becomes. Needless to say, I never made THAT mistake again!☺...JJ
Collinsville Illinois grows a lot of horseradish . Guys I worked with used to bring me the grated kind . Light you up , but I love it .

Horseradish on Kielbasa and Ham,
My wife had a friend that was part Polish . We used to stop by her Uncles house on Easter . Man what a spread . That was the first time I ever had Krakow .
He made me a sandwich , Krakow and enough ground horseradish to make 2 sandwiches . First bite , nose sting and blind for 30 seconds easy . Lol . Some of the best cheese and bread I ever had too .
Damn Howdy! Quite a few of those made me slobber.
Me too . St. Louis didn't represent very well though . They have way better than what the showed .

Finally able to take a break and review the article above. Wow. Talk about some of those dogs being over the top.
I agree , but the simple ones looked the best to me .
When I used to work downtown and there was going to be a ball games . You could smell the sausage cooking for miles .
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Being from Seattle, I have to be a +1 for the Seattle Dog. Cream cheese and grilled onions are the staples. I like to add jalapenos and brown mustard. Never actually make them at home. Just get them from street carts and at stadiums. At home, I'm a ketchup, mustard, diced onions and sweet relish.
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Love hot dogs. I do them several ways. The dinner franks from Costco are huge, therefore they get spiral cut, add Jeff's original rub,
then smoked for an hour or two at low temp. Put it on the bun, add spicy mustard, onions, and kosher dill relish.
Also make them with smoked pimento cheese and bacon. Don't need anything else on them after that. (I make my own P. cheese..very spicy)
My perfect dog, steamed bun, I hate all beef hotdogs! That being said, a little mustard, chili (not chili sauce), chopped crisp white onions, grated sharp cheese. When I pick it up, I want to be able to display a proper command of holding the hotdog, while also worrying about it falling all over the place!

I was born in NC, and I occasional go rogue and add cold slaw on top, but not too often.
You had me at steamed, as so nice the bun unless I do a toastie dog in the oven
What mystery meat hot dog do you prefer to put on the grill?
To me a hot dog is all beef thus my Costco dinner frank preference.

Ball Park currently, but I have had a lot of Oscar Mayer. I mean who doesn't sing their bologna song while typing out bologna and covet the wiener whistle?

Next time you grill dogs, do a chub of bologna too. Diamond score it like you'd do a ham, no direct heat, it will grow and expand out beautifully, then liberally sprinkle on some rub and hit it with some BBQ sauce (I know I am from the south its my redneck showing), and just push it away from the heat and feed the kids those hotdogs!
Normally for dogs my go to is about equal parts of mustard and bbq sauce and then some cheese either
American or cheddar. When I was younger I sometimes used the bacon and cheddar Easy Cheese that comes in the spray can. Depending on my mood I might add bacon, relish or dill pickle, possibly a small amount of onion. Rarely have ketchup, only if I am somewhere else and somebody else fixes them up.
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