Condiments and Additions to Hot Dogs - What's your story?

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Wow what a cool thread plenty of neat ideas. As a kid it was always ketchup along the way into adult life it changed to mustard and the the onions or kraut.

I got REAL busy last week and didn't keep up with this thread. Thanks all for keeping it alive.

We needed a plumber last week right before our first trip in 15 months. Ran to the store the night before our departure and picked up Boar's Head All Natural Uncured Beef hot dogs. 7 to a pack in one long string. Kept it simple with hot water bath to warm, high heat browning in a skillet, steamed Nathan buns, mustard, onions, and sweet relish. Loved the snap of the Boar's Head dogs, but my wife said she prefers Nathan's.

Tried a bit with melted peanut butter. Mayonnaise just moved up a notch on the condiment list.
Ah, tube steak. Had a couple leftovers for lunch. So finding this thread was written in the stars....

I've tried the Nathans and Heb Natl's but always come back to the Kirtland 3-packs of dozens. I find they don't lose much in freezing so I always keep a couple dozen on hand.

An extra squirt of BBQ sauce is good on a leftover burger but not a dog. I usually brush just a little on my dogs right before pulling them from the grill. I like to shake a little garlic-onion-pepper on them when I put them on. Pepper makes everything better.

Dill relish is a must (not sweet) as is fresh cut onions (at least 1/4" cubes...don't dice them too fine!)

Always been a plain-bright-yellow-mustard guy but Walmart has a whole series of weird darker mustards I'm having fun trying...horseradish, "southwestern", etc. I don't like ketchup on anything...pico de gallo is the correct tomato condiment--but not on dogs.

And I really dig the Great Value Whole Wheat Buns. They're popular, which means if you find them, they're fresh. A truly fresh white bun can be good too, but I've not found one at grocery stores I consistently like.

Fun thread.
When we lived 3.5 hours East, in Harrisburg, PA, MARTIN'S POTATO ROLLS, were the End All, Be All, of Hot Dog and Hamburg Rolls. They are awesome, aways soft and great flavor...
Now, where we are, I can't find a good Hot Dog Roll anywhere! Since we eat a lot of Hot Dogs,, it's a sad state of affairs!😝...JJ
Der Wienerschnitzel dogs with kraut and mustard and a kosher dill slice.....yes sir reee !

One of my high school jobs was working at Der Wienerschnitzel too pay for a 396CI engine for my 70 1/2 split bumper Camaro. I thought it was going to suck as a job, but man was I wrong, I got all sorts of action from meeting ladies going through the drive through. I to this day still love their Chicago Dogs, Street Dog, Kraut Dog and Deluxe Dogs.:emoji_joy: :emoji_thumbsup:
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I always dice up pickles, mustard catchup, some thinly shredded cheddar cheese and some chili if I feel like it. Toast the buns on the grill.. oh yeah
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