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Browneyesvictim’s Index

Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by browneyesvictim, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. browneyesvictim

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    Thought it was about time to put together an index of some of my smokes like all the EXPERTS around here do here on SMF. I am humbled at the creativeness, knowledge and skill of many such members, and I can only hope to contribute and not just ride on the coat-tails of most of what has already been done and posted. What I have here.. some is – some isn’t. This is just an index of my journey. I’m not afraid to try something that looks good and learn something new and neither should you! Even if it has already been posted! Now there is something in BEV’s cooker just about every day, but this is only a few cooks that got the respect of some photos and a little editing worth posting here on SMF. Come back again as I will keep it updated.

    A bit about me
    I learned to cook at a young age. Dad was a quadriplegic, and so I had to pull my own weight… and then some. Mom worked full time but always had a big garden and canned a lot. We raised and processed our own farm animals including managing my own decent sized rabbitry through 4-H. Dad taught me much from growing up on the family homestead. I was always curious about their ways with the old smokehouse. He taught me some stuff- like how to smoke salmon and fish and jerky, but never how to cure and smoke bacons and hams etc.. In hindsight, I know now that was because it was dangerous, and didn’t trust me learning on my own. I found the joy of cooking outdoors with the Boy Scouts that were very active. We smoked and ate the fish we caught, learned open fire management, and Dutch Oven cooking, and the like. I went into the Navy out of High School. I became an aircraft mechanic, and traveled around the world for the next 12 years and getting an education specializing in hydraulics, then as an instructor, and curriculum developer. I managed to hit the thick of Desert Storm and Gulf War campaigns. The last 20 years has been in the corporate world in heavy equipment putting those skills to work and raising a family. Now my wife and I are “empty nesters” and enjoying a more quiet life, on a little acreage in the woods with our two Boxers, and we work with dog rescues and foster pups for adoption. I kayak and fish when I can (ocean permitting).

    If you were wondering where Browneyesvictim comes from… Well, that has to do with the color of my wife’s eyes. I think you can fill in the rest.







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    Nice BEV!
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    Great story!
    I'm sure your index will grow into something quite impressive!