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Well, Judy & I were definitely blessed with a wonderful gift package from Robert @tx smoker. I won’t get into what was in there, but everyone will ultimately get a chance to see it posted on here. So starting out with some of his homemade breakfast sausage. It was excellent with some eggs & toast.
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Now on to the main event.

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According to Robert this is a #103 sub primal rib section. We have been using a marinade on all the beef we have been eating lately, and I reluctantly put these ribs in it overnight. It’s the same one I used on the skirt steak & the TT that I just did.

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Out of the fridge & coated with a Canadian steak seasoning from Canada. Oh, and just for references, this is a 17”x12” pan that the ribs are in!

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Into the Rec tec on extreme smoke.

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After a couple of hours I set the smoker to 215 & it took about 6 hours until it probed tender all the way through. The final IT was 146.

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I think I’m a happy camper! These things are huge.

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Prime rib on a stick!!

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OMG!! They are just so tender & juicy. You can even see the juice running down my chin!

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A big thank you to Robert for sending these to Judy & I. We could only eat 1 rib each, so we have 2 more meals & a snack. The ribs were not only tender & juicy, but they had a real beefy flavor. They tasted like the best ribeye I have ever eaten. Thanks for looking Guys and Gals!
What a nice gift ! Great post and put him on your Christmas list.
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