beef ribs

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  1. Brokenhandle

    First Smoke on our new reverse flow smoker!

    Well it's been a long time in coming, but finally getting around to posting our first smoke on our new smoker that Joel, @seenred built! A big thank you to him! My wife was of the opinion that I had enough smokers... until she saw it... think she's gonna love it as much as me. And by the way...
  2. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Beef spare ribs on MES30

    Hey beefers, Just did my first beef smoke today. I’ve been smoking meat for about a year and have only done pork and chicken, so this was a new adventure for me. Picked up 8lbs of beef ribs from a local butcher and dry brined them for about 16 hours in the fridge. This morning I rubbed them...
  3. babydoc


    So I bought these on a whim. Always wanted to try beef ribs…but this is a first for me. How would you prepare these and smoke these? I’ve seen beef ribs before, and these honestly don’t have a tone of meat on them? Thoughts?
  4. GonnaSmoke

    Smoked Beef Back Ribs

    Back before Christmas, Publix ran bone-in rib roast, AKA Prime Rib, on sale. I purchased a few to cut into steaks for the freezer. I removed the ribs and vacuum sealed them for the freezer. I took out 2 racks to smoke on my Ok Joe Highland since I can lift the lid on it right now. So here we...
  5. SmokinAl

    Brontosaurus Ribs from a friend!

    Well, Judy & I were definitely blessed with a wonderful gift package from Robert @tx smoker. I won’t get into what was in there, but everyone will ultimately get a chance to see it posted on here. So starting out with some of his homemade breakfast sausage. It was excellent with some eggs &...
  6. tallbm

    Mesquite Smoked Beef Short Ribs with QView!!!

    A few weeks ago my mother surprised me with a nice big pack of beef short ribs and I smoked em today. I smoke quite a few briskets and love them but to me, beef ribs (not the meatless back ribs) are my favorite smoked BBQ item of them all!!! I buy plate ribs when I can but these looked real...
  7. C

    Pellet Griller in NYC

    My Camp Chef and I look forward to showing y'all some of what we do here in the city
  8. N

    Two sons, Two ribs

    I have two sons the youngest cane to visit on Sunday. He usually comes once a week, he only lives across the lake in Seattle. He usually requests pasta sauce, and something to put it on, he didn't request this time so I cooked what I wanted. Beef ribs with hickory smoke. My oldest son...
  9. P

    First Smoke

    Hey Everyone, I finally christened my smoker over Memorial Day weekend so I figured I'd share. Despite being nervous to test out my fire management skills on a VERY windy and hot day, I'd say it was an overall success! I was unable to source proper plate dino ribs, but found a 5.5 lb plate of...
  10. M

    Would love some advice for my current smoke session.

    I have a verticle gas smoker that I use wood chunks for, I am smoking Beef Ribs (thick boys) and a beef brisket, I got them to have a great bark and then wrapped them in butcher paper. I wrapped the brisket at 165-175 degrees and wrapped the beef ribs at 180 degrees. Once I put them back in the...
  11. disco

    Basic Beef Ribs

    The same follower who requested a basic easy method of making brisket and chicken asked if I would do a post on Basic Ribs. Here it is! This is the method to make delicious beef ribs in the smoker that can be easily made by a beginning smoker. I will address the different kinds of ribs. Prime...
  12. R

    Beef Ribs. Type?

    For the Texas BBQ enthusiasts (and butchers) out there,hoping for some help. I am in Canada, we don’t seem to have the same butchering standards as parts of the US when it comes to beef ribs. I ask my butcher for plate ribs or Chuck ribs, but always seem to get something different every time. I...
  13. hunter rose

    How to cook thin sliced beef ribs?

    I found these at Sam's Club and it seemed interesting. Has anyone cooked these yet? They are thinly sliced, like a thinly cut slice of brisket. I am thinking that because they are thinner, maybe it would be better to Sous Vide and then finish in the smoker. Not certain. Have you smoked these?
  14. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Piedmontese Beef Ribs, Scratch Mac, and Dutch's Baked Beans... Winning!

    Alright y'all! Finally got a break in the holiday / end of year action to sneak another cook in... And am I ever mad I waited this long to get to this one! @tx smoker , thank you yet again for the Piedmontese buy in option. These ribs were amazing! On to the details... Cook Details...
  15. S

    Beef Ribs

    New (used) cookshack sm008 got its dry run last night and it's maiden voyage this morning on these beauties. 225 on the smoker with hickory and cherry. I'm still learning this electric smoking thing. There will be a surface probe for a few runs. Pulled @190 And the plate kept very simple...
  16. ThickRibs

    (updated with new pics)First post. Thick chuck ribs

    Hello all, This is a 4 bone rack of chuck ribs I just picked up ,it weighs about 6.3lbs. This will be my first attempt at beef ribs.Picked them up at $3.29 a lb. Any Idea on how long these will take at 275f?
  17. PitBossMikey

    Blade roasts and beef ribs

    Got 3 nice blade tip roasts out of the freezer and some beef short ribs. Got them going on the UDS for the afternoon with a few chunks of mesquite. I kept the seasoning simple just some kosher salt, coarse ground black pepper, garlic powder, fresh dried basil from our herb garden. I'm thinking...
  18. basheirt

    Beef ribs! It's what's for dinner!

    Preparing for tonight's rib cook-off with friends. Got these bad boys on at about 250 at 8am with lump coal and hickory. Using my tappecue to monitor the cook. Spraying with apple juice & apple cider vinegar mix (1:1) every 30 minutes. Not planning to foil or tray. Just leaving them on the...
  19. K

    Beef Short Rib Cut

    Hey all, new member first post. Been smoking for a little while now and obviously there's always room for improvement and things to learn! So i recently went to my butcher and asked for a few cuts of beef short rib in 3 bone sections. Unfortunately he cut them in single bones. Should i rub and...
  20. M

    Beef rib Xmas concern

    Hey everyone. Like a fool, I have agreed to a Christmas smoke for the family. Beef plate ribs were requested and were ordered through a new butcher. Having unpackaged the two racks I'm a bit concerned about the huge line of fat running through the centre and I'm thinking that maybe they have...