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  1. H

    How to use Rice Koji in this rib wet-brine?

    I'm wanting to make this for my family and it calls for "70 grams koji" for 3L of water. You're wet brining the ribs with it overnight. Would I be using the dry grains? Or when it's fermented into the shio paste? Thanks!
  2. SmokinAl

    Brontosaurus Ribs from a friend!

    Well, Judy & I were definitely blessed with a wonderful gift package from Robert @tx smoker. I won’t get into what was in there, but everyone will ultimately get a chance to see it posted on here. So starting out with some of his homemade breakfast sausage. It was excellent with some eggs &...
  3. CrazedOccultist

    New to BBQ/Jerky Making in the City, any tips/tricks appreciated!

    Hello! I'm fairly new to Smoking/Curing Meat with a limited arsenal of tools in the kitchen(I only have a small propane grill, an oven and a food dehydrator), I joined the forum to mainly learn about new Jerky Marinades/easy pan/oven recipes. Let me know if you have any advice/tips! ~Crazed
  4. smokinjim1

    Flat Iron Steak

    I smoked my 2nd flat iron steak yesterday. The one I did before I used Jeffs Texas rub. This time I used the Texas rub minus cayenne (I was out), and I made a marinade by adding 1/2 cup of Dales low sodium steak seasoning and just a touch of olive oil. I haven't been on here in a while, so...
  5. chilerelleno

    Chile's Fajita Marinade

    Chile's Fajita Marinade 3/4C Olive or Vegetable oil 1/4C Worcestershire sauce 1/8C Soy sauce 1/3C Lime juice 2T Garlic, minced 1T Cumin 1T Chili Powder, could be a mix, cayenne or any straight ground chile, e.g. Ancho, Guajillo or etc 1T Sugar 2t Red Pepper Flakes 2t Salt 1/2t Black Pepper...
  6. chilerelleno

    Chile's Al Pastor Marinade/Sauce

    Chile's Al Pastor Marinade/Sauce 1 28oz can Red Enchilada sauce 1 20oz can Pineapple tidbits 3/4c Vinegar 1/2c Brown sugar, add to taste 1c Guajllo chile powder 1/3c Achiote powder or paste 1/8c Garlic, granulated 2T Paprika 2T Salt, add to taste 1T each Mexican Oregano and Cumin 2t Ground...
  7. AustinFromTN

    Straight Liquor for "Marinade"?

    I know technically it's not a marinade. One time I put a pork butt in Evan Williams bourbon for three days before smoking and it seemed to work well. I've also been told that spiced rum for three days works well but it has to be kept on ice (I'm assuming the freezer would work). But I can't...