Beef ribs that trimmed off my last rib roast.

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Jun 10, 2008
I bought a few rib roasts during the after Christmas sale.
I cut two of them up into steaks, and saved the ribs.
This was a first for me, next time I will leave twice as much meat on them. Theses were f'n kill'er.
Hit them with SPOG. Smokes them at 225 high smoke setting for the first 2 hours,than 325 until they probed like warm butter. About 6 hours, if I remember correctly.
I made up some horsey sauce with horseradish, sour cream, black pepper , Worcestershire sauce, and chives. It goes great with anything beef.

Baked a few big potatoes on the smoker and turned them into twice baked potatoes, which were amazing.

I will be repeating this cookin the near future, that's for damn sure.

Sorry no plate shots, we were hungry.

Thanks for looking.
Awesome ! My kind of meal . Nice work .
horsey sauce with horseradish, sour cream, black pepper , Worcestershire sauce, and chives. It goes great with anything beef.
On the beef , in the potatoes , and a squirt for my Bloody Mary too .
Sounds great .
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Man that looks good!! I did the same thing last year, but have already used up my ribs. I love beef back ribs and it's a shame that you can't buy them with any meat left on anymore. That's why they are called shiners now...
They weren't dry by any means, but these rib roasts were the worst that I've ever had. They were super lean, with hardly any fat, my bad for not paying attention when I bought them. The ribs were fantastic, not what I was looking for, though. There should've been a big puddle of liquid fat on that cutting board.

I'm gonna have to break down and order some Dino ribs for my birthday dinner next month, I've never had one, you can't find them out here in the land of fruits and nuts/ Kali!!! (I haven't checked Restaurant Supply yet) I probably need to re up my KCBS membership to gain access once again... no problem there, whatsoever. Matter of fact I'll do it as soon as I log out of here, so I don't forget.

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"

The famous quote, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," was part of a campaign slogan used by the United Negro College Fund in 1972 to drive home the point of the necessity of education. I had to look up this quote, I use it all the time. I wasn't expecting the search results, I figured it was a quote from Cheech and Chong, or the Half Baked movie. 🤣🤣🤣

A couple of the steaks I cut from that R. Roast have been soaking in my Sous Vide bathwater for the last 12 hours, we'll eat them tonight. I S.V. a few a month or two ago, and they were awesome, super tender and juicy, I added a big blob of grass fed tallow and some grass fed ghee. YUM, can't wait to eat tonight!!!

Sorry if I am rambling, I'm on a high right now, we just found out that my wife DOES NOT HAVE BREAST CANCER, like they said she did 3 weeks ago.

After a multitude of tests at a big city cancer hospital, including a biopsy and two needle aspirations. Oh boy, will the original Dr that misdiagnosed her Mammogram will be hearing from me tomorrow. Both of the Dr's we saw today said that her original Dr jumped the gun big time with her diagnosis.

There is a God, I'm not against praying, admittedly I only seem to pray when things get really bad. I need to change my practices, although I'm afraid I will burst into flames if I walked into church. So for now I will continue worshiping in spiritual places that I visit in the wild, such as on the ocean fishing and watching whales, dolphin's and seal's, walking the rivers fishing, in the duck blind or in the mountains hunting, there is so much to be thankful for in our lives lately.

Thank you so much for reading this, I guess that I have diarrhea of the fingers tonight.

Thanks again.
Glad to hear of your good news! Been through that ourselves... scares the hell out if ya!

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Man that is some great news for Ms Forktender and you! SHoot man go sing it from the rooftops!

I've been an absolute wreck the past three weeks, Jim. We finally have our own home paid off, no more mortgage payments, ever again. I redid the bedrooms, entryway, living and dining room last summer, was going to do the bathrooms this summer, but my wife decided my back could use a new spa/hot tub instead, what an amazing woman.
(she is right, once again my back really does need a spa)

So instead of a kitchen and bathroom remodel I just replaced the kitchen and bathrooms faucets and tub and shower valves, which was a nightmare, and I'm a retired plumber. LOL!!!

Holy cow, I'm rambling again. LOL!!!

Thanks a bunch, brother.
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Great news about your wife!! Yes those ribs and potatoes look Amazing!! I would enjoy that meal big time!!
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Terrific meal Dan, and even better news about your wife.

Point for sure

I wish we could get those bigger potatoes around here more often.
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Great news about your wife, man. All because of an apparent misdiagnosis? On one hand , you can appreciate an abundance of caution, on the other, the stress is also not good for you.

The mind is a terrible thing...There is comedian who used this and I'll never forget Bill Nelson. He, and comedians like Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Eddie Murphy shaped my personality and humor for life. Richard Pryor and George Carlin, along with Redd Foxx and Flip Wilson were twisting my brain before I was even officially a teenager. For some reason my parents let me own some of those albums.

This standup does have some language in it, so, the sensitive ears and souls should not watch it. This would be my dad these days...yep, the same dad that let me have the albums at age 12! And dont play this around least I would restrict it to 16. They've likely heard this kind of language long before then. It's uncensored on YouTube.

Skip to minute 5 of this routine to see "the mind is" reference.

I'm not a fan of Jelly Roll's album in general, too sappy for me, but his song "Need a Favor" directly applies to your feelings about prayer. I'm agnostic, but had my seriously Christian Parents build a house next door on my property so they'd be close (they are in their 80's) And my wife believes in prayer and just recently believes one worked for her. So I'm surrounded by believers. I believe there is something bigger than us, I just dont profess that I know what it is and dont believe Man knows the answer, especially "men"...and not sure Man could handle the answer if it were actually confronting humanity directly.

That said, I dont feel its right for me to pray to god I dont worship (Christians feel otherwise, they'll take any progress towards salvation for you). What I thank God when the good things happen. I dont think thats too hypocritical. Thank, rather than ask or beg, is where I am. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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