rec tec 1250

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  1. babydocsmoke

    Three firsts

    New Father’s Day RT-1250!! First cook on the grill, first time using lumberjack pellets, first time doing short ribs. Turned out beautiful! Tasted fantastic. Don’t know why I waited so long!!
  2. SmokinAl

    Pichana roast on the Rectec

    Been a bunch of pichana threads lately, so here is my shot at it. Started out with a nice roast. Didn’t need much trimming on the fat side, but had a big piece of silver skin on the meat side. That is about all the trimming needed. I marinated it overnight under vacuum. Then I mixed up a...
  3. SmokinAl

    Rec Tec extreme smoke setting

    I would like to try an overnight butt smoke on my new RT 1250. I would like to use the extreme smoke setting all night long, with no smoke tube or anything else. I know that the temp will be around 180, and it will never get to 140 in 4 hours. So I’m going to inject it with a brine that has some...
  4. SmokinAl

    Brontosaurus Ribs from a friend!

    Well, Judy & I were definitely blessed with a wonderful gift package from Robert @tx smoker. I won’t get into what was in there, but everyone will ultimately get a chance to see it posted on here. So starting out with some of his homemade breakfast sausage. It was excellent with some eggs &...