Beef - Corned Beef and Pastrami

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Jul 23, 2008
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I contacted several local chain stores to find the best buy on bottom round beef roast.  Most were uncaring, rude, difficult and even obnoxious - except for one: WinCo!  So, that is where I went, of course.  The phone line (unlike the others) was crystal clear, you could hear every word.  I spoke to the meat manager directly, his name is Travis.  Told him I wanted a center-cut beef bottom round roast.  Not from the rump or from the heel, but in the middle where the shape was more uniform, about 5-6 lbs.  

I went in and rang the buzzer, Larry the meat cutter came out, I told him what I wanted (mind you, I am in a chair and no teeth, I am surprised he didn't ask to see my money first, lol, and I talk very slow and haltingly, too) but, he did not, he thanked me for allowing him to serve me and promptly went back to cut it for me.

In the meantime, I spoke to Travis and special-ordered a fresh ham to be picked up March 14th and complimented the service Larry provided.  He came out with a 6 lb beef center cut bottom round roast, leaving a bit of the eye attached to make sure it was even:  I expected nothing less; he went a little over 6 lbs - never undercut, always shoot for the maximum!  Wonderful job!

I unwrapped it and scored a line on it where I will cut off a small portion for corned beef.

My wife does not like corned beef, but I do!  So that will be for my dinner on St. Pat's day, March 16th.  I'll set it aside in a pan in the fridge until St. Pat's day.  

I assembled all the ingredients for the processing - sugar, salt, brown sugar, curing salt, pickling spices, etc:

I mixed up my Lo Salt curing brine, 2 gallons:

added water, stirred until clear.

Then, I injected the beef in 2 spots on each end with the broadcast (not artery) tip:

(the tip with all the holes in it)

Then, injected it so there was no more area greater than 2 inches around, so it would cure from the inside-out as well as the outside-in:

Then, into the curing brine, and into the fridge (no top weight needed, dense enough to sink to the bottom):

Put it to bed until I pull it on March 14th, cut off the corned beef portion 1/3rd (put in a covered container until Friday, March 16th back in the fridge), then sack up the remainder 2/3rds and into the smokehouse for pastrami!  When 160°, I'll remove it, remove the stockinette, and put in a bucket into the fridge to cool, then slice it on my slicer for pastrami reuben sandwiches!

See you then!
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March 16th you must be Irish getting a jump on it.

I'll be watching,drooling already

I've done brisket flats for Corned Beef/Pastrami using your brine a few times Pops, and it works very well.
I'm watching this...[emoji]128578[/emoji]
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Pops, can't wait to see the CB and Pastrami! 

Points for your comments about Larry and Travis at Winco!  I hope you let the folks at the Winco know how they helped you.   

I'm not a Winco employee, but I am a die-hard Winco shopper, a relatively new one, about a year old.  I have always found the staff there in all departments friendly and helpful.  Heck, even the shoppers seem to be friendlier than normal! 

Winco gets 99.5% of my meat purchases due to their quality and low prices.  I have two full service grocery stores within a half mile of my house, but I drive 6 miles to the Winco for the prices and service.  Sure, you pack your own groceries, but I need the exercise! 
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I injected it and put it in the curing brine on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, will pull it out of the brine on Tuesday,  March 14th.  Will smoke the larger part for pastrami on Tuesday 22nd and reserve the corned beef portion to cook with cabbage, onions, potatoes and carrots on Friday the 17th, St. Pat's day.
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