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  • Hey Pops6927. How do I obtain a copy of your profile logo with the cowboy hat body? Would love to have a copy.
    Hey Pops. Never messed with any bacon. Love to smoke meats though.
    What is your favorite bacon recipe?
    Looking to do some canadian bacon this weekend and belly bacon in a few weeks.
    I have a cookshack smoker. What temp do you smoke at? What internal temp do you go to?

    Thanks for taking the time to read! Look forward to your response.

    I was wondering, if you would make beef jerky commercially, what cure would you use? Prague Powder #2 or Sodium Nitrite and how much of it? How long would these cures last on shelves? I've been using Prague Powder #1 now with a dehydrator at home. Although, I can't get it tender, soft like as in stores that are sold.
    Pops, I plan to wet cure some belly for bacon soon using your brine recipe.
    What about adding spices like maple syrup, extra brown sugar, pepper, garlic, or similar stuff to add to the flavor of the bacon? Can I add them to the basic brine or should I do it later in the process?
    Thanks for any help offered.
    Hello, Pops...new member with a question. Smoking some ribs 321 ...what is the easiest way to store for a couple hours after finishing them and reheat without drying out, if needed?
    Hey Pops! Hope you are feeling well. Your how too's are a God send. Quite honestly so are you. Have a great evening! -Rick (Smokey Mo)
    I hadn't look at your profile until now , I hadn't realized you too were Texan. Now I see why you know how...LOL!
    Stay healthy my friend and Smoke Happy;}- Stan...
    [email protected]
    Not Texan FromNorthwest Iowa looking to improve my meat smoking.
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