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  1. WaterRat

    New Year's Surf n' Turf

    Hey All, I'm a little slow posting this but anyhow I did a little good ole surf n turn for the GF and I for New Year's eve. Started with some fresh oysters. Local store had 8 or so varietes all from the northeast. I got a fisherman's dozen (14 for $18 ).Had 7 from Mass and 7 from P.E.I...
  2. disco

    Pulled Beef Sandwich

    I love pulled beef. It is a piece of chuck that is slow smoked until very tender and them pulled. I have learned to pull beef and mix it with some sauce and grilled onion to make great sandwiches. This is how I do it. Rub a 1 kg (2.2 pound) blade, chuck, or cross rib roast with your favourite...
  3. cluckinchicken6

    Beef bacon

    I had acquired beef navel from the local butcher it is 2.5 to 3 inches thick with a large fat cap I dry cured using Morton’s tender quick and have left it in the cure for 5 weeks is this too long I know I usually do a 14 day for 2” bellies. I’d this meat salvageable or should I chunk it in the trash
  4. R

    Brisket Flat

    I am smoking a 8.5 lb brisket flat this weekend. I know it is important to to do the probe test to determine if it is done, however, we are eating at 3 pm so I am trying to figure out what time I should put the brisket flat on the smoker. Roughly how long will it take to smoke a 8.5 lb brisket...
  5. disco

    Kootenay Pit Beef Video

    One of my earlier smokes was an homage to Baltimore Pit Beef, see my earlier post https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/pit-beef-one-of-the-best-smokes-ive-done.182637/. I have made it often since and decided to try it in my Traeger. I did a video of the cook if you are interested. Disco
  6. Danabw

    New to beef ribs - what's your favorite beef rib rub?

    I've got some beef ribs and wondering about what rub to use. I haven't smoked beef ribs before so this is new territory for me. I've been using Jeff's Original and Texas Style rubs on some recent smokes and like both of them. I was wondering if I should lean towards the original "since they're...
  7. D

    lowest temp possible to smoke a beef steak

    Hi all, been a lurker forever (Meathead's Pastrami recipte made me lifer), and now finally made the jump to being a member! I recently bought some cross rib steaks as I read they could rival ribeye when cooked right. I know I should have bought the roast vs the steak in hindsight, but now I...
  8. edward36

    Apple cider beef shorties on the GMG Jim Bowie - absolute treat

    Hi guys, Apple cider and beef short ribs... Never thought it's gonna be that good! Very simple method - 2 hours open smoke, 2 house in a foil pan with apple cider, wrapped, and 30 min rest. Had this very nice rack of 3 ribs. Sprinkled it with a rub from my local supplier - we call it...
  9. G

    Brisket bark

    Hi guys, Smoking a brisket for dinner tonight. Cooked for 4 fours last night at 250 with consistent temperature and smoke flowing well. Plan is to finish in the oven tonight for dinner. Have done this before and it works ok. Problem I have is the bark didn't form like it normally does. Not...
  10. chopsaw

    14 pounds of Flank steak

    I've been going once a week to GFS , to pick up meat . That's the only place I've been since mid March . They have had a good stock for the most part . It cycles between cuts , but have had mostly beef . On the last run , couple people around the meat case . We were going one at a time ...
  11. Co4ch D4ve

    First Tri-Tips

    First smoke for a while for me. I had both shoulders repaired (torn rotator cuffs) and couldn’t lift the doors on my smoker! We don’t get see many tri-tips around here so when I saw these at a local specialty grocery store I bought 3 of them to try. I know a lot of folks marinate tri-tips and...
  12. disco

    Spicy Lime Chili Jerky

    I love jerky. I also love spicy food but it doesn’t love me. The question was, could I make a spicy jerky that walked the tightrope between spicy and pain causing? This is my effort. The first consideration was what kind of spicy? Different spices, peppers and sauces give different kind of...
  13. tropics

    Beef Enchiladas

    I have never eaten an Enchilada but seeing post on here about them,convinced me to give them a try so seeing @sawhorseray post did it. Started with browning some ground beef Added some Enchilada sauce (mild) Had some Chipotles an black olives Tillamook Mexican Blend Cheese & Sauce added...
  14. bmudd14474

    Review of beef from PorterRoad.com

    Porter Road. Im sure you have heard that name before because of the specials they have offered on SMF in the past few months and the review that @TulsaJeff did on their product. They had also sent me a box of meats to sample. Now I have had the box for several months. I decided to try some of...
  15. disco

    Onion Chili Soup

    We were having a bonspiel at our curling club. This means there was a lot of people coming in from out of town. We like to have a light lunch for our guests and volunteers bring in slow cookers of soup. My contribution this year was Onion Chili Soup. My idea was to get the rich taste of chili...
  16. xray

    Rudy's BBQ inspired smoked Meatloaf

    A while back, I smoked some cheese for one of my wife's coworkers. As repayment, she brought me two bottle's of Rudy's BBQ sauce (Regular/Sissy) and a container of their bbq rub. I am a big fan of their bbq sauce ever since I tried it. I've been craving some smoked meatloaf and decided to use...
  17. A

    New to jerky

    Hi everyone I am typing on the cell phone so sorry for punctuation or lack of. I know this is a smoking meat forum but at the moment I do not have the means to be able to try smoking my jerky but I just buy a dehydrator and I was hoping someone could help me with the problem of my beef jerky...
  18. Rmartinez2


    Hey all, it's been a while but just stopping by to share an amazing dinner we had tonight. I found a great ribeye roast at my local grocery which was a shock because you usually don't find this with a fair amount of marbling. I felt this one was more than worthy and was on sale so it just made...
  19. xray

    Beef Birria Tacos (Bachelor Week)

    Went out with a bang for Bachelor Week 2019. The last big meal I had planned was Beef Birria Tacos. These are traditionally made with goat meat. I don't have a goat, so beef it is. I recently saw an article about taco food trucks and one of the tacos featured was birria tacos de res with...
  20. C

    First time dry ageing!

    Hi all! My name is Charlie, reaching out for help from down under, Australia. I am trying to dry age for my first time, i bought the DryAgingBags and a vacuum sealer but for some reason the vacuum doesn't suck 100% of the air out of the bag, there's still gaps. after trying multiple times and...
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