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  1. jjpiv33


    I'm not really sure where this thread belongs, so if i need to move it please tell me. I've making a lot of sausage this summer, Venison, pork, beef and chicken. Everything from British bangers, to kielbasa, to Texas beef sausage. I am definitely getting better with my technique, but i would...
  2. N

    Help, should I toss or serve my brisket

    I started my smoker at 250 at about 9pm, the brisket was well seasoned with salt, garlic, pepper on the meat side not fat cap, the last time I checked the brisket was at about 120 around 1am, i set my alarms and wake up to my brisket 5.5hours later at IT 90, immediately put in the oven at 350 to...
  3. I

    Greetings fellas!

    Hello, not new to burning meats but i would definitely like to continue to step my game up. Currently i have a jerky project going on it i could get some direction on.... Very new to curing meats would like some experienced advice to my wet cure and time i can let it stay in the fridge before...
  4. jeremy5431

    STEAK Class & Taste Test

    Last year my father in law grilled a steak. It fell flat. It wasn't rested, it was tough and wasn't seasoned well. My mother in law asked me to teach him how to grill a steak. Fast forward to this spring when we got together again for Steak class. I took the class a little further and decided...
  5. disco

    Basic Beef Ribs

    The same follower who requested a basic easy method of making brisket and chicken asked if I would do a post on Basic Ribs. Here it is! This is the method to make delicious beef ribs in the smoker that can be easily made by a beginning smoker. I will address the different kinds of ribs. Prime...
  6. J

    My cure/brine recipe

    I've done quite some research about the perfect cure/brine. I made one three years ago and have been refining it until recently when my last batch came out perfectly. You can use this recipe for anything you want to cure. I've made eisbeins, brisket, pork chops, ham, sandwich meat and even...
  7. cinnamonkc

    Featured First Dance with Whole Smoked Short Ribs

    Hi, I stumbled across several racks of whole beef short ribs. There’s about five ribs per rack and I’m going to smoke them for a little gathering I’m having tomorrow. I’m still vacillating on whether I’m going to leave them whole or cut them up first. They are about 2 inches high. I have seen...
  8. D

    Smoked Ribeye Roast Temperature Difficulties

    Today i’m smoking an 8lb ribeye roast. I’m smoking it at 275-300 on a Weber Kettle. I assumed it would take around 4 hours but I’m at around 2.5 hours and it’s only at 72 degrees. At this rate it’ll take another 3 hours. Does anyone know why this is occurring and how to fix it? I was planning on...
  9. S

    SOS please help my brisket

    Andy Young <[email protected]> 9:27 AM (1 hour ago) to jeremy Hello all! I live in Mexico and am passionate about smoking meats. I'm having some issues with my brisket coming out mushy in parts and hard in others. I was hoping you can save me...?! Im...
  10. smokenbonez

    First Time with shortribs

    Hey folks, been smoking in for about 10 years and I'm ashamed to say I've never smoke any short ribs. I know I know, how can I say I'm a smoker if I've never smoked short ribs. Well we're not all perfect. I have finally found a good supply of decent quality beef short ribs and pick myself up two...
  11. THutson67

    Another first: Ground beef jerky

    Tried 3 pounds of 80/20, couldn't find anything leaner around here. LEM jerky gun was pretty easy to use. Used the seasoning and cure kit that came with it. I did have to drop some grease off of it when done. Trays loaded, about 2 hours in, about 5 hours, then done at almost 7 hours. It didn't...
  12. stubbornjimmy

    Snake River Farms Wagyu Short Ribs!

    If you are looking to smoke some short ribs, I recommend going to SNR and picking up their 3 bone wagyu pack! These were enough to feed 6 people with room for leftovers. Fun smoke!
  13. 4


    Anyone familiar with JED MASTER commercial smokers? I lost mine in a fire and am not having any luck finding another one. Mine was 6' tall X 6' wide X 48" deep, Rotisserie, H2O and charcoal. I purchased off another gentleman, it was inside my concession trailer and he tried about 10 years...
  14. WaterRat

    New Year's Surf n' Turf

    Hey All, I'm a little slow posting this but anyhow I did a little good ole surf n turn for the GF and I for New Year's eve. Started with some fresh oysters. Local store had 8 or so varietes all from the northeast. I got a fisherman's dozen (14 for $18 ).Had 7 from Mass and 7 from P.E.I...
  15. disco

    Pulled Beef Sandwich

    I love pulled beef. It is a piece of chuck that is slow smoked until very tender and them pulled. I have learned to pull beef and mix it with some sauce and grilled onion to make great sandwiches. This is how I do it. Rub a 1 kg (2.2 pound) blade, chuck, or cross rib roast with your favourite...
  16. cluckinchicken6

    Beef bacon

    I had acquired beef navel from the local butcher it is 2.5 to 3 inches thick with a large fat cap I dry cured using Morton’s tender quick and have left it in the cure for 5 weeks is this too long I know I usually do a 14 day for 2” bellies. I’d this meat salvageable or should I chunk it in the trash
  17. R

    Brisket Flat

    I am smoking a 8.5 lb brisket flat this weekend. I know it is important to to do the probe test to determine if it is done, however, we are eating at 3 pm so I am trying to figure out what time I should put the brisket flat on the smoker. Roughly how long will it take to smoke a 8.5 lb brisket...
  18. disco

    Kootenay Pit Beef Video

    One of my earlier smokes was an homage to Baltimore Pit Beef, see my earlier post https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/pit-beef-one-of-the-best-smokes-ive-done.182637/. I have made it often since and decided to try it in my Traeger. I did a video of the cook if you are interested. Disco
  19. Danabw

    New to beef ribs - what's your favorite beef rib rub?

    I've got some beef ribs and wondering about what rub to use. I haven't smoked beef ribs before so this is new territory for me. I've been using Jeff's Original and Texas Style rubs on some recent smokes and like both of them. I was wondering if I should lean towards the original "since they're...
  20. D

    lowest temp possible to smoke a beef steak

    Hi all, been a lurker forever (Meathead's Pastrami recipte made me lifer), and now finally made the jump to being a member! I recently bought some cross rib steaks as I read they could rival ribeye when cooked right. I know I should have bought the roast vs the steak in hindsight, but now I...
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