5-Day Smoking Basics eCourse

Discussion in '5 Day Smoking Basics eCourse' started by TulsaJeff, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. THW

    THW Smoke Blower

    There are probably several ways to find it but,,,go to post #350 above by tulsajeff and click on the address (top line)

    Then it is simple with just two things they need to send them to you daily for 5 days.
  2. Seth Sheeder

    Seth Sheeder Newbie

    I know this forum is pretty old but I’d like the 5 day course if it is still available.
  3. THW

    THW Smoke Blower

    Seth, the link in in this thread, just go to my post #362, just above yours and follow the instructions. The top line of post #350 is the link to the course request page. Fill the information in for the two blanks and the course will come in your email each day for 5 days.

    Very informal, informative well worth the time to read it over. I saved each lesson and will print it out for future reference.

    Good luck
  4. Seth Sheeder

    Seth Sheeder Newbie

    Ok thank you


    Would this be free?
  6. THW

    THW Smoke Blower

    Yes, this is a free course. It is offered to any forum member. Just go to post #350 as the numbers are indicated on the upper right corner of each post. At #350, click on the top line of the post which is the link for signing up. At that site there are two very simple questions to answer. When signed up, you will get an email sent directly to you each day for 5 days. Very good info and well worth taking the time to read. I saved each days lesson and will print it out for future use.

    Again, you are not obligating yourself to do anything. But are getting 5 good lessons on the basics of smoking meats.

    Good luck
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  7. NorCalMedic

    NorCalMedic Newbie

    Thank you for creating this course and sharing your wisdom with the noobie cooks like me amongst you all. I would love to take the course as well if this is still an option. SIgned up already thanks!
  8. Geebs

    Geebs Meat Mopper

    I enjoyed the readings in the ecourse and appreciate you doing this Jeff. Highly recommend new members to sign up for this!

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