5-Day Smoking Basics eCourse

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Jun 28, 2005
Tulsa, OK
I am looking at writing an eCourse on the basics of smoking.. this would be geared mainly toward newbies and would cover such topics as meat selection, building a good fire, maintaining consistent temps, etc.

This would be an email course that would come directly to your inbox in 5 installments and for 5 consecutive days after signing up.

would you be interested in something like that? Do you think it would be useful?

Answer yes or no here
I guess I was too late to make it under the wire. I did go and click on the survey but I did it today, Monday the 25th.

I'm a rank newbie to smoking. I picked up an electric smoker at a garage sale. It doesn't have instructions with it but it looks as if it's never been used. I had been thinking of getting a Bradley or maybe one of the Bradley "smoke generators" and building my own smoke house. <g>

I am on the smoking list at Yahoo as well.

Glad to be here, Jim
This is a good deal, and will be helpful for our other halfs when buying meat, can print off the what to look for portion of selecting meat and make them commit it to memory.

I enjoyed the eCourse. It was very helpful and I learned somethingâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s that will be very helpful in my quest for the perfect BBQ. I have placed your eCourses in a folder on my computer for future reference.

Between the forum and your eCourse, I can see the in-laws, out-laws, and friends, lining up to come over for smoked BBQ.

Thanks for the site and the help.

Dan “sickpuppyâ€
Jeff, just went through the five day course and I learned a great deal! I love to cook and am no stranger to the barbie as well as campfire cooking and all that. Will soon do up my first smoke! Thanks and keep the fire goin' and the the spirit(s) movin'!
Monty :D
Jeff, I just finished reading part 5. I really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll have to do me a Brithday brisket and a couple of fatty's this weekend!! :D
Thanks Guys, told the Bride what I want to do and see gives me the LOOK :shock: and said "Don't plan on doing anything this Saturday". To be honest now I'm almost afraid to get out of bed come Saturday morning.
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