10th Annual South Florida Smoking Meat Gathering (THE BIG ONE!!) - November 13-14, 2020

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That being said i might not be able to tow my smoker down since most rental trucks dont have a hitch.

If that's the case... A Temporary ball can be screwed on in the hole on the bumper (should have one )... wanted to see the fire grate (+) installed ...

Weather is looking a "lottamorebetter"
If that's the case... A Temporary ball can be screwed on in the hole on the bumper (should have one )... wanted to see the fire grate (+) installed ...

Weather is looking a "lottamorebetter"

Not a terrible idea on the hitchball! I'm just worried they find out i did it and charge me something. I want to see what you came up with for the smoker also. Just alot of my mind since Friday;s accident.
Weather forecast improving!!
Looking good so far!

Pictures from my accident Friday night if anyone's interested lol 😂


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Damn it man... obviously your ok.. what about the biker dude ??

Honestly once i parked my truck in the median and looked at the crash site, obvious broken arm but he was ok-ish once ambulance took him away

Latest update has it coming back closer to Tampa now.. GRRRRRRRRRRR

Honestly guys and gals i'm personally waiting till Thursday morning to make my go/no-go decision.

This morning from HH website:
Tropical Storm Eta
In order to ensure staff and visitor safety, Florida State Parks is monitoring the conditions associated with Tropical Storm Eta. Some parks have closed areas or the entire park as a result of the storm. Please visit specific park webpages for details, or visit Storm Updates for additional information.
Effective November 10, 2020: Highlands Hammock State Park is open (see hours of operation and fee information below). The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum remains closed until further notice. Restroom availability may be limited. All other park facilities are closed. Visitors are expected to maintain distances of at least six feet apart.

And a screenshot from Weather.com just now


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Fortunately it has picked up movement speed and will clear the area quicker (Thur night, fri mourn) if that's any consolation ... From Fri. on very small chance of rain...

Like I say... I'm on vacation so If I get the chance to go I will.... whether Gathering is canceled or not...
So more than likely I am going to cancel my site (89) at the last minute today... It's for Thur.-Sun. .. Will keep 88 as it is only for Fri. - Sun. I also will not be bringing all those 8' tables ....
Thing not looking good..like i said i'm going to make my final decision Thursday morning. If i come i'll be packing lightly and wont have my trailer smoker because of my rental
One good thing... doesn't look like they are getting much rain inland near Highlands ... Al could give us a live report if he reads this ...

Carol... you'll have to check and see If they reopened before you leave ...
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