2016 South Florida Gathering (6th Annual) November 4th-6th PICTURES ADDED

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Afraid to get on scale. So much food, wonderful time with great group of friends. Learned so much, ate way too much. Gift of sharp knives awesome Wayne. Thank you all.
O M G .... It was so good... I just got some leftovers out for dinner ... and everybody knows how much better it is the next day... O M G

Doug... Your the man, brother... Thanks for everything you do... Thinking this one was the biggest yet...

Todd at A MAZ N ... thanks for the donations ... they were really appreciated ... we used one to cold smoke some cheese so everybody can see first hand how it's done ...

Lisa.. thanks for the vacuum seal bags ... We used most of them to bag up leftovers and a bunch of Cold Smoked Cheese ...

What a great time we had.... It was good to see old friends and also to make some new ones ... It was GREAT that a few members have returned to the gathering... Wish we did it more than once a year...

PS.. Wayne (Triple Q) I will bring some cut resistant gloves for ya next time... Thanks for everything BUb ...
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Well, dang!

I don't know how I missed the posts of this event but I did.   I was even on a ride to Lake Wales and could have easily slipped a little further south on 27 to Sebring to meet some of the fine folks on this forum.

Oh well, there will be others...



Eustis FL
Well, dang!

I don't know how I missed the posts of this event but I did.   I was even on a ride to Lake Wales and could have easily slipped a little further south on 27 to Sebring to meet some of the fine folks on this forum.

Oh well, there will be others...



Eustis FL
Trent, come next year! 
Thanks, untill then Im changing my screen name to StubbyQ
HAHA! Super big thanks to you brother for imparting all of your knowledge of your craft to us. I learned more about knives in one day then i ever would have in a million lifetimes of trying to figure it out myself! 

I just rolled in and got showered up! 

HUGE THANKS TO @Lisa B   and @TJohnson  for there support every year! 

Glad to have seen old faces and some new ones as well! This gathering was a blast! 
Not only do we need to thank our sponsor, but Doug and Keith for putting the whole thing together. Wayne and Rick for sharing their knowledge and teaching us so much. Plus each other for all the amazing food and friendship. Maybe we do need to do this twice a year. Thanks again everyone.
Glad everyone made it home safe.

This was our first time at the SFG and it was good to see old friends and meet new friends.

Our trips to the SMF Gatherings have been great. 3 times to the NFG and 2 NCG. What a great family we have.

Thanks go to all who made this gathering possible and to all the cooks who made some AWESOME food. 

Thanks also going to Todd for the Amazen products and to Bags unlimited and some very very good knife sharpening skills being demonstrated and members getting some serious knives done.

Next year we may be able to tow the 5th wheel so we dont have to travel so much.
ok... so went back to work today and got rested up.. I'm ready for the next one now... MAN WHAT A GREAT TIME...

Rick.. thanks for the meat mixer and the seasoning mix...
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Hi All,

 Ann & I had a GREAT time at this year's gathering! Really enjoyed everyone's company, new & old. Doug & Keith & Charlotte were the best hosts. Waaaay too much good food. We had a grand time talking with  Nepas & Crystal. Nepas was so generous with sharing his sausage samplings and information. I learned more about sausage making this weekend than I thought was possible. Now I have to put some of this info to use at home. Wayne shared his love of knives with us and was so generous in sharpening many, many, many knives. He made it look so easy. Hats off to everyone who has their smoker going, Dang that was some good eats.

 The weather was just short of perfect, the nights were cool & clear ( by Fla standards) and the days were in the low 80's. I'm ready to do it again. Sorry we had to cut out early on Saturday but we still had a great time,

 Craig & Ann     
Speaking of the short of perfect weather...a few of us were talking about moving this to the first weekend in DEC to ensure colder temps and not interfere with other events and holidays. i wanted to poll the jury and get your opinions. Not saying we ARE going to move it but if nobody is opposed it would work out better for some of us. 

For RV'ers i would imagine this isnt a huge deal, tent campers may not like the colder weather as much but i always say bring more blankets :)

Just wanted to throw this out there and see what people said.

I'll post pics i took later today!
I think it would be a good idea to move it to Dec. 

I'd rather throw on a jacket, than sweat my butt off.

It was a little warm this year & I think 5-10 degrees cooler would have made it more enjoyable.

Plus it just never rains in Dec.

Had a great time. Met some amazing new people and had some incredible food! Cant wait till next one.

So the two dates we talked about were:

November: Thursday 11/2 - Sunday 11/5  (The week before Veteran's Day, same as this year)


December: Thursday 11/30 - Sunday 12/3 (The weekend after Thanksgiving Weekend)

I will get my pictures up soon.

Either one works for me, but if had to make a choice, the December one works best for me.
We had a GREAT Time ! Thanks Doug & Keith for doing this each year.   I added 31 pix but only 24 posted ( I have no clue I will work on it ) 
Next year we are good with either date , just let us know ...and Mike & Jason will becoming and Mike is doing a Country Ham and a load of his Bacon 
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