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  1. jlajones

    Temp dip after wrapping ribs

    Hey All, I am new to smoking meats. I don’t have anything fancy to smoke my meats in so I use my charcoal grille and just offset the coals and wood on 1 side of the grille. Often enough, when smoking ribs, I try to follow the 3.2.1 method but I feel the internal temperature matters more than...
  2. H

    How to use Rice Koji in this rib wet-brine?

    I'm wanting to make this for my family and it calls for "70 grams koji" for 3L of water. You're wet brining the ribs with it overnight. Would I be using the dry grains? Or when it's fermented into the shio paste? Thanks! https://www.starchefs.com/recipes/pork-ribs
  3. philpom

    Epic beef ribs - locally sourced

    Took Mrs philpom and our daughter to the local farmers market this morning and came home with a chore! These "short ribs" are from a local ranch, Neu cattle company. I really like supporting the local folks. They are nearly 16" long. I seasoned them with: Prepared the Primo with fogo and...
  4. babydoc

    Guy Fri

    Third Friday of the month is guy Friday. Double feature movie back to back with the boys and good food. Simple Traeger ribs tonight… Clark Crew Royal Rib Rub on these guys.
  5. Daba's BBQ

    Butcher Paper -vs- Aluminum Foil

    Butcher Paper -vs- Aluminum Foil Interesting article https://www.smokedbbqsource.com/butcher-paper-vs-foil/
  6. thirdeye

    Flashback ~ Rib Recipe from Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book

    Let's take a trip in the wayback machine to the mid 1950's and see how ribs were being seasoned and cooked. This barrel set-up could be a predecessor of the WSM or drum smokers.
  7. gmc2003

    St. Louis Style Spareribs - Kettle Style.

    I know you folks are probably going to get sick of me posting, but I'm on vacation this week and the weather was just perfect today. Mid 70s no need for the Koozie A nice rack of ribs - 2.99/lb Since the 22" was already outside. I fired her up once again. Side charcoal baskets with each with...
  8. WDFraph

    Shooting temperature hazard

    Hello there, I'm brand new to this forum, please tell me if it as been discussed by the past... I'm a couple months old of smoking tryouts and want to perfect the temperature ability. I've got a 22 inches Weber performer with an All-in-1 ring (picture below). I did chicken this week, nailing...
  9. Daba's BBQ

    Weekend Chicken & Ribs

    I decided to try two new recipes for my chicken and ribs cook. For the chicken, I used Big Mo Cason's rub and then created two new sauces from scratch. For the chicken, I used an apricot sauce and for the ribs, I used a sauce with Gulden's mustard. I used a homemade rub on the ribs and cooked...
  10. I

    To rub or not to rub

    Hi all, Newbie here from Ireland. Want to get ‘y’all’ thoughts on how best to do ribs.. firstly I don’t hope I offend anyone. So.. have been smoking my ribs using a dark soye/ garlic / ginger / brown sugar.. it’s my go to but I want to start experimenting.. My question as I’ve read two...
  11. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Hello! Or as we say down here in Florida, "Alligator hurricane tourist hockey"

    Hi all, Checking in from beautiful Seminole, FL. Moved down here with the military last year, and that's part of my serendipitous foray into smoking meat! I'm originally from Massachusetts, and growing up there meant that "BBQ" was burgers and dogs, steaks, and grilled seafood. The Army has had...
  12. Daba's BBQ

    Ribs Questions

    I've been using the 2-2-1 method for the past year and simply love the way the ribs come out. I'm using my Traeger Pro Series 34. But like all cooks, I'd like to experiment a bit and try a few new methods. I want to run this by the group and get your thoughts. Dry rub and smoke for 2 hours...
  13. gmc2003

    Spare Ribs Kettle Style

    Friday night was rib night in the house of GMC. So out came the 26" Kettle for a call to duty. Sprinkled on SnP on about 3/4 of the ribs. The rest got a garlic and herb season. Starting of the fire. Apple chunks were used for this cook. Can't forget my sous chef ...and on goes the ribs...
  14. smokinut

    Dino beef ribs

    Got a new Pit Boss and needed to try it out. My daughter got straight A's on her report card so I told her I'd cook whatever she wanted, she told me to decide, and these are what I decided to do. Used Meat Church Holy Gospel rub, smoked at 180° for 3 hours and then kicked up the temp to 250°...
  15. C

    Crazy outlandish toppings for Ribs - Suggestions wanted!

    I had blood brothers BBQ in Houston not too long ago and they had these amazing Thai peanut butter sticky ribs. Those got me thinking what other stuff you could you come up with to top ribs. I'm stumped at the moment but does anyone have any suggestions?
  16. F

    Vaccuum Sealing in the middle of a rib cook.........when? Should I?

    Hey smokers, my question has to do with partially cooking ribs and then freezing them half way through the process. Previously I have smoked my St.Louis ribs for 3 hrs, then ovened for two, then froze them until I wanted to eat them. When I smoke I smoke a lot at a time and freeze for later...
  17. M

    Racks of ribs

    I have been tasked with feeding some rather large people, like myself for Christmas Eve. Seems like everyone wants ribs! I have a PitBoss pro series and have done 3 racks at once. I have a rib rack that can hold 5 racks and can get 3 of the rack holders in my smoker. How many racks of ribs...
  18. S


    Saturday - 4th December 2021 - Buderim, Sunshine Coast QLD - Australia. I have been following this page religiously since 2018 and figured I was well overdue to post something finally and see if I can get some feedback on how to improve. Normally I document my cooks in a book that I have been...
  19. Colin1230

    Tried the beans today w/ ribs.

    First of all, many thanks to @smokin peachey for sharing his recipe with us. They looked so good I had to try them. We invited our daughter and SiL and grand kids over for dinner. Nothing fancy just BB's, beans, slaw, mac and cheese and biscuits sprinkled with rib rub. I was very pleased with...
  20. F

    Dry Ribs and Pork

    Hello everyone! I'm new here but have been reading the posts for a long time, so firstly a big thanks to this community for helping me learn this amazing hobby! Had to post now, because I'm a bit stuck... I have had plenty of success over the last few years smoking baby backs. I have previously...