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  1. hunter rose

    Superbowl winning ribs...

    Had to post some winning ribs at the Superbowl party. This was only 3 of 6 racks...
  2. AtomicDonkey

    Chicken, Ribs, and Dr Pepper

    I haven't posted a lot since joining. Do mostly to be a single father with kids and a job and a nasty beer brewing habit. Then throw my new obsession of smoking in there. But I've been in love with my WSM since day 1 and have been even prouder of what I've accomplished to date. Over the weekend...
  3. M

    Thanksgiving spread

    Here is a few pics of ribs and smoked turkeys I did this past holiday. The turkeys were injected with butter mixed with creole and smoked paprika and rubbed in the cavity with a home made brown sugar dry rub. The ribs got the same rub treatment with a spritz of apple juice and basted with sauce...
  4. disco

    Teriyaki Back Ribs

    I love pork ribs. Saint Louis, Kansas City and Memphis are all great. However, as good as they are, sometimes you need a change. It was time for Teriyaki ribs on my Traeger Timberline. This recipe calls for Teriyaki sauce. I make my own but any thicker variety will do. I got a nice meaty rack...
  5. ThickRibs

    (updated with new pics)First post. Thick chuck ribs

    Hello all, This is a 4 bone rack of chuck ribs I just picked up ,it weighs about 6.3lbs. This will be my first attempt at beef ribs.Picked them up at $3.29 a lb. Any Idea on how long these will take at 275f?
  6. racp78

    Spare VS Baby Back Cook Times

    I smoked one rack each tonight of Spare and Baby Back. I smoked the spares for 6 hours and smoked the baby backs for 5 hours. 225 degrees the whole time. My spares has nice pull back and we’re perfect. However, the baby backs didn’t really have much pull back and seemed like they could have...
  7. K

    St Louis Ribs

    as a newbie we went to our local BBQ store, Meadow Creek in New Holland PA, and just started looking for rubs and sauces and just get some ideas. While we were looking around a very nice gentleman helped us out and told us what he does with his ribs. Unfortunately in my embarrassment as a...
  8. CigarLlama

    Ribeyes, Fatty, & Rack of Lamb

    So I didn't exactly know where this was supposed to go given that I think each item has its own category on this site. Tonight I meal-prepped for the week with an assortment of items. It was my first time cooking lamb of any sort, & my second time cooking a fatty. I have become rather familiar...
  9. disco

    Char Siu Rib Tips, the Movie!

    I have been making rib tips when I trim a full rack to St Louis ribs or the store includes rib ends under a rack of ribs. One of my favourite rib tip recipes is Char Siu Rib Tips. I made a video of how I make them for my community TV show. Here it is: If you want a written instruction, see...
  10. Thunderbug23

    Newbie Need Help

    So I been cooking on a WSM Wanted a offset so I bought a Old Country Pecos because it was the best bang for your buck, so I’ve cooked on it 3 times having issues every time I close the door the fire goes out so I have to leave the door open half way and I'm getting 20 minutes before I have to...
  11. gocatsbbn

    Contest cook. Need advice!

    I’ll be competing in my first bbq contest in about a month. Not a real big deal, just 10 teams. Mostly for fun. We’ll be cooking a pork chop, 5 bone baby back ribs and a chicken half. Any suggestions or tips on how to do these three meats for a contest would be great. Thanks!
  12. CigarLlama

    3-2-1 Baby Back Ribs

    I've been working on my Baby Back Ribs & reading a lot of the posts about it here on these forums. These are the best ribs I've made yet. I did the 3-2-1 method & used a slightly modified version of @chef jimmyj 's foiling juice. That juice is amazing and using it as a glaze at the end is the...
  13. R

    Is Red meat bad for your health?

    Beef offers high amounts of protein per serving, but researchers say that eating too much red meat, such as bacon and hot dogs, has been linked to health issues. Can you guys suggest any alternative for beef. I personally love beef
  14. SmokinAl

    Rotisserie Babybacks!! Adam made me do it!!

    I bought a rotisserie attachment for my Santa Maria rig on my kettle. The first thing I made was a chicken. I only took one photo, but it turned out really good. Tender & juicy with a slight hint of hickory smoke with nice crispy skin. After seeing Adams post about spinning ribs, I just had to...
  15. Rmartinez2

    Full Grill Quick Help

    Hey everyone, Today i will be making 8 racks of ribs. I've got 4 on the top rack and 4 on the main rack. Im running at 250* and my grill display says 250 (+/- the usual). My thermometers are reading way way lower at around 160 to 180*. There's hardly room for the thermometers and I'm guessing...
  16. Rmartinez2

    2nd attempt at Ribs

    Alright so here's my 2nd attempt at making some ribs. One baby back and the other a full spare. For one I used another rub I concocted and the other is one a member of this forum was kind enough to share (thanks jbellard). I smoked them at 225 for 3 hours then wrapped them. When I wrapped I put...
  17. chew2475

    Winter in New England

    After a few inches of snow this morning the weather warmed up so figured I would do some smoking and maple syrup making in between a snowball fight with the boys. Had a bunch of sap collected so got that boiling and ended up with 2 jars of syrup. Getting close now!!! The Final Product While...
  18. disco

    Rib Tips

    I love rib tips and make them as an appetizer often. I had guests coming over, I had rib trimmings and I had my favourite barbecue sauce, Koss Sauce. Everything was coming together. One of the reasons I like making rib tips for company is I can do most of the work before the day company is...
  19. klower181

    1st time smoking ribs

    Let's see how this goes never done ribs dont have the best smoker ever but hey it was free cant go wrong with that
  20. klower181

    1st time smoking ribs( ps I dont know how to delete it and put it in the right thread)

    Let's see how I do it being my first time smoking ribs and domt have the best smoker but hay a free smoker is a free smoker lol
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