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  1. tallbm

    Thanksgiving How to: Holiday Ham from Pork Butt / Pork Shoulder!!!

    So many people love a good holiday ham. My family gatherings are so large that we have ham at both Thanksgiving and Christmas along with whatever dishes other people bring. No food is wrong to in addition to the traditional ham and turkey dishes. This is a very detailed "How To" on making an...
  2. theswimmingpig

    Brine injector for sale

    Günther PP3 brine injector for sale w/ three prong needle assembly and extra o-rings. This machine is 3 phase.
  3. M

    First Smoked Ham: Tenderquick Brine Disaster

    I wanted to cure and smoke a ham (my first), and only had Tenderquick sitting around. Against better judgement, I decided to use the brine recipe per the package. Here's what I did: - 2.5 lbs pork shoulder - 1 cup TQ - 4 cups water - Let sit for 7 days. Drain and soak in water 2 hours. -...
  4. A

    Is my ham safe?

    I just cured and smoked my first ham. I just went by a recipe I found and advice from a friend. I wish I would have found this forum first. Anyway, it is a bone-in, 7 lb ham. Even though I cured it for 5 days, I have an I cured spot in the middle. Can I still eat it? I did not know about...
  5. thirdeye

    Can You Buy Carver Hams?

    My Sam's Club carries small ready-to-eat Carver hams, which are 3# to 4# boneless rear leg outside muscle ham that is maybe 3" thick dead center. (Boy, is that a mouthful!) Heads up.... they are showing back up in my store for the holidays. These guys are good as-is but very tasty when...
  6. chopsaw

    Pork cushion ham update

    Got the hams all smoked up yesterday . Got them out and rinsed on Weds. overnight in the fridge to smoke on Thurs. One night turned into 2 , and smoked Friday morning . Not sure about the 2 night dry in the fridge , but couldn't be helped . By habit I hung in the smoker to dry . Didn't need...
  7. D

    Brining a small, 3 lb pork shoulder roast for ham

    Good morning! Since there is only two of us when choosing a cut for ham I go small. My first attempt worked out well. It was a slightly smaller picnic which I brined for 7 days and then smoked at 180 for an internal temp of 150. I'm now reading I over brined it. My question is this. Is...
  8. Roman Buffalo

    Smoked fresh ham

    Good Morning and Merry Christmas to all! I attempted my first smoked ham from scratch this year from a pig I butchered this fall. I was super excited about the whole process. Due to some time constraints I ended up using the sausage maker brand brown sugar ham cure as it claimed around a 7 day...
  9. PrairieMomDieselDad

    New kid on the block

    New to smoking. Trying pork bellies for bacon and also ham. Wet cured now trying the cold smoker out. If the meats cured do I need to make sure the temp is below a certain temp? I can ask somewhere else also.
  10. disco

    Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

    It was a big day in my virus isolation. I took the garbage out! It must be time for a special meal. Actually, I went to the grocery store and they had a ham on sale. Whatever, it is always time for a nice ham! I know what you’re thinking. We can’t have company and who will be eating all that...
  11. TulsaJeff

    Double Smoked Holiday Ham Glazed with Maple Syrup

    Summarized version of the recipe: Use a spiral sliced ham (I got mine at Costco for $2.29/lb) Place the ham into a shallow pan. Peel back each and every slice and douse with maple syrup and my original rub..(if you have another barbecue rub that you like and is low on salt, that will work too...
  12. A

    First Pork Leg cured ham

    Hi, New at this forum, but spend some time researching here about an issue I am having. I tried to make sure Ham (To use it cold in sandwiches, if it makes a difference) The method I used is: 1 kg pork leg (Whole top muscle) 4.5 liter water 225 gr salt 225 gr sugar 1 tsp pink curing salt some...
  13. R

    Brining time question

    Hi I have a boneless fresh half of pork leg that invoked out and I’m brining it for Easter. I used pops brine and it said 3-4 weeks but after re reading it, it said for whole hams, I was curious as is this is too long and if it is how long should I bribe it? I also injected it rather thoroughly.
  14. R

    Question about smoking ham

    so I have a fresh uncurled bone in ham I was thinking about making for Easter. My plan was to use pops brine. I just had a thought about making it boneless and tying it really good. I was just wondering if there’s some tips or tricks about doing it? And if it might be too small at this point to...
  15. fajitapot

    Busy Day Smoking in the Rain Yesterday

    Well not THAT busy. Mostly just standing around and drinking a little whiskey. Was pretty busy about a week and a half ago. Cured two hams; a sweetheart made with the top round as well as a bigger one (split in half) with the rest of the round. Bacon'd two of the bellies and threw the hock in...
  16. endo129

    Is It Safe (Would you eat it)?

    Merry Christmas everyone! Just looking for a little advice if anyone is trolling these pages on Christmas. I'm worried that I should just toss my Christmas ham but there are many variables so I want to get some advice. I'm not sure how this went terribly wrong. Had a recipe from a world class...
  17. Cook63

    Smokehouse build

    Starting this build in July. Finished all my metal work yesterday and put fire to it today. Finally cold enough here in Kansas to be able to get some cold smoke rolling!
  18. KrisUpInSmoke

    Bacon-wrapped, Stuffed Apples (Q-view and Recipe) - October 2018 Throwdown Judges' Choice

    I'm honored to be the Judges' Choice Winner of the October Throwdown! Thanks again to the judges, @bmudd14474 for coordinating the competition, @TomKnollRFV for drumming up enthusiasm and encouraging everyone to enter, and @bvbull200 and @TulsaJeff for putting up great prizes! Without...
  19. pc farmer

    2018 curing. Part one.

    We sent a home raised pig to the butcher 3 weeks ago. 330 lb live weight. They butchered and cut the meat and ground the saisage for 75 bucks. I got the 2 hindquarters , both bacons and a whole shoulder to cure. The hindquarters weight was 27 lbs, the bacons were 11 lb and the shoulder was 22...
  20. daveomak

    HAM.... easy peasy... no mess.... DISCLAIMER.. MONEY...

    I've been injecting hams to cure for some time... decided I needed a needle to get to all parts from one side... No flipping, no turning, here it its.... 5" , #14 gauge blunt/sharpened needle.. Found this picnic at w-m that has NOT been injected... The paper towel is sprayed with vinegar...