Can You Buy Carver Hams?

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Dec 1, 2019
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My Sam's Club carries small ready-to-eat Carver hams, which are 3# to 4# boneless rear leg outside muscle ham that is maybe 3" thick dead center. (Boy, is that a mouthful!) Heads up.... they are showing back up in my store for the holidays. These guys are good as-is but very tasty when flavor smoked for 2 or 3 hours. The additional smoke really wakes up the flavor! I do a flavor smoke on ham shanks to use in beans or soups, and get similar flavor results with these Carver hams.
Sounds good , I have seen these before. I will keep an eye out for them for X-mas or just anytime
Did not know they were any better than other hams.
Thanks thirdeye

Better is subjective, but sometimes you will find individual or certain muscle groups of a leg or shoulder are better than others, texture or flavorwise. I have some Coppa roast photos I'm going to post shortly in a new thread which is a good example.

I think one of these will look great on a buffet platter and the perfect amount of meat.

Looks good. Saw them in my sam's last week. Gonna pick up a few and do as you suggested!

I'm sure you will notice immediately, but the exposed (long) side is sliced with the grain. So you need to slice from a corner or cut in half to get the correct slicing direction against the grain.
My Sam's Club carries small ready-to-eat Carver hams

We get the same thing from Costco. Possibly a different brand but same concept. They are very, very good and a heck of a value so we keep them on hand at all times. I like to put them in the smoker and cold smoke for 2-3 hours depending on the size. As you said, that really amps up the flavor.

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Gonna have to look for them at Sam's here if I ever run out of hams.
Yup we have them every Christmas, we do the same.....flavor smoke for a couple hours then glaze......very Yummy!
I score the fat side with a cross hatch pattern and cut away any tags of meat or fat. Then smoke indirect at 225° until the internal is 140°ish. These are called a rear leg outer muscle ham and the grain direction is a little different on each one I've cooked. I'm not slicing on the long exposed edge, rather at a slight diagonal.
Our Aldis here had them in their ad. Of course when I went they were out. I'm gonna try again.
Costco out here carries them, but they are twice the price of a spiral cut ham, so I buy the spiral cut and smoke then glaze them.
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I tried one of these from Costco last year, and I agree, it would be better twice smoked. But for some reason I didn't have time to do it. My son made short work of it, anyway. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.