Worcestershire Powder

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Dec 5, 2021
Not new to smoking, but tryin to UP my game. I want to try adding some Worcestershire powder to my Dalmatian rub. What ratio of Worcestershire powder Should I use with a 1:1 Salt & Pepper
I get my Worcestershire powder from Firehouse Flavors (formerly Firehouse Pantry)

Made in the USA local mom and pop shop

Usage: This is a concentrated powder, so usage is less than with liquid Worcestershire sauce:
  • Dry Usage: To convert a recipe that calls for liquid Worcestershire Sauce to dry, substitute 20% the amount (by weight) of Worcestershire Sauce Powder.
  • Liquid Usage: Use this reconstitution recipe (by weight): 20% Worcestershire Sauce Powder + 30% Vinegar + 50% Water.
Cool, I never even heard of that!
Will look into it, sounds like something I would use a lot!
Yup, I got some Worcestershire Powder a couple years ago from "Spice Jungle".
I was going to use it in the Vac Packs for my Sous Vide, but then chopsaw chopsaw tipped me off about Lipton's "Beefy Onion" instead.

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Tatawnka dust by Owens BBQ has a fair amount of W dust in it. Very good on beef. My go to steak seasoning is salt, cracked black pepper and Worcestershire, pinch of cayenne

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