potasium bicarbonate in fresh sausage

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Original poster
May 17, 2024
Hi, I'm new.

I have a sausage recipe I have been working on, which is a (fresh) British tomato sausage. However, since it contains tomato powder, it has high acidity, and potassium bicarbonate should change the pH, or else it makes the meat soft. If you look at the recipe, do you think I have the correct amounts of potassium bicarbonate and trisodium phosphate?

I would like to reduce the salt, would I be able to do this and to what level could I reduce it by.

I recently made my sausage recipe, and it was a little soft, which I believe was due to me not adding enough potassium bicarbonate, but it was o.k before. Now I want to increase the potassium bicarbonate from 0.8 to 0.9, but I'm not even sure any of this is food safe.

Tomato sausage Rev-3

Per 100g of meat 20% fat pork

10g bread crumbs
10g water
3% tomato powder
1.7g salt
0.6g samuel’s sausage seasoning
0.9g potasium bicarbonate
0.4g tri-sodium phosphate

Sausage seasoning

Coriander: 1 part
Ginger: 1 part
Nutmeg: 1/2 part
Paprika: 2 parts
Black Pepper: 1 part
Best answer is to use a pH meter to measure the pH of the tomato powder. I would mix the tomato powder with the added water and take a reading. Then adjust the pH with the potassium carbonate to 5.5~6.0. Note how much you used and note change to recipe.

Will be hard for anyone to give you a hard answer on the adjustment because it will be specific to the tomato powder you used.
Thaks for your help, I will try this PH testing method.

It's for 100g as I just (* mulitply) as I do less than 1KG batches.
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