Boneless leg

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Feb 2, 2014
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First smoke in a while, last couple of weeks have taken up my time to say the least.

So got a boneless butterflied leg at Aldi's for $6.99/lb.

Salt and pepper and wrapped overnight in the fridge. Next morning added fresh mint, parsley,thyme and lime zest/juice. For dried herbs I used garlic powder,sumac,dill and fennel. I pretty much used equal amounts of everything except the ground fennel which was just a pinch.I then rolled and tied it up and got the MES going,set the Auber to 250 and used pecan shell dust in the tube for smoke. Pulled the lamb at 115 and wrapped while I heated up the Weber for a quick sear. Temped at 125 and to the cutting board it went.

Side was a mixture of just about everything. Linguine,green beans,pinto beans,green bell peppers,onions, carrots,some tomato sauce and a little soy and worcestershire. Pretty much everything we had around!


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Looks fantastic! Ive never had lamb let alone made any! I might have to try it out!
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