What happened to the prices?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by talan64, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. talan64

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    What the heck happened to the price of brisket this year??  Last year I was getting briskets at Costco for $3 - $4 /lb.  I just bought one last night from Costco, and paid $5.99 /lb.  I bout put it back down, but really want a brisket this weekend.  I usually don't even look at the price when I want it, but last night it was the only thing I was buying, and just looked at it out of habit. 

    Has anyone else seen these ridiculous prices? 
  2. Yeah, I asked the guy at Sam's if they priced the briskets as rib eye. Pork Butts are up too

    Gary S
  3. Over the last few years the price of beef was way down witch forced many ranchers to sell off large parts off their herds. So herds are currently down witch means there is smaller supply.

    Pork is actually up do to a virus that swept through a number of large hog farms this last winter and killed off a large number of hogs. So once again low supply.

    That leaves poultry as the sole main meat that is not in low supply. Funny enough their cheaper prices compared to beef and pork are forcing people into buy more of it hence driving up the price there as well, but not as much as beef and pork.

    Hope fully pork will be back down later this year as virus that caused the problem is under control and hog population is back on the incline. Ranchers are seeing a large investment in their cattle right now so herd numbers are growing there as well but they will take a little longer to come back down.

    Hope that helped.
  4. johgre078

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    We were at krogers last night and beef steaks were $16.99 a lb. and pork butt was $1.99 a lb. needless to say we did not buy any beef. Earlier my better half picked me up a 19.5 lb pork shoulder at the local grocery for 1.99 lb. guess what I will be doing.

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  5. danbury

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    Beef is a rare meal around here these days.
  6. foamheart

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    Can you say turkey? Whole turkeys pretty standardized at .99/lb

    I knew we were messed up when wings on sale are 1.75/lb and hind quarters are .59/lb.? Am I the only one that things this funny?
  7. I just ordered a brisket $5.65 lb and a 120 lb hog for $2.09 lb . with pork prices going up they give you daily prices until you place your order . Now I have to figure out if it  will be cheaper to buy a 200lb hog and cut my own meat.
  8. matt-n

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    Walmart has great prices on brisket. Little over $2 a pound last weekend.
  9. geerock

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    First they make it hard to drive to your job with gas prices. Then they try to freeze you out with ridiculous fuel oil, natural gas and propane pricing. Now they are hoping to starve you out. When did you ever think there would be a shortage of pork? My favorite smoking meat, brisket, is $4.75 or better for whole packer. Fifty to sixty bucks for one piece of meat? Screw 'em.
  10. talan64

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    I'll admit that I do love smoked turkey. However, when I want a nice slab of brisket, no turkey in the world will satisfy that craving!

    One of the local grocers around my area has bone in double turkey breasts for 1.89.  2 fit perfectly into my brine bucket!
  11. turick

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  12. foamheart

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    That's what I was looking for when I got the last turkeys. Brine and smoked those 2 .00/lb. breasts and make lunch meat instead of paying 7 or 8 dollars a lb. at the deli? It tastes more like turkey and I can do it exactly how I like the taste. Boy and if I had a nice meat slicer it would be just perfect!
  13. talan64

    talan64 Meat Mopper

    That's pretty much exactly what I did.  We had friends over and ate one of them with enough left over for a couple Turkey salad sandwiches.  The 2nd, I split the breast off, and froze one for future dinner (which was 3 nights ago) and sliced up the other for sandwiches. 

    You are SO right that the turkey I (or any of us) smokes tastes WAY better than ANYTHING you can buy in the store or deli.

    As a matter of fact, today's lunch.....Turkey salad sandwich!!
  14. At our local Costco, I picked up USDA Prime full packer for $3.99 / lb, and I think Choice was $3.69 / lb... That's a bit up from last summer (got Prime for $2.79 / lb), but not too bad.

    Surprised that CA seems to be *less* expensive than the rest of the country for something. I didn't know that was possible!
  15. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    I haven't bought beef in twenty years. Once a year I send one of my steers to the slaughterhouse and fill up my freezer.
  16. foamheart

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    I read somewhere in the last couple a day that the meat prices since 2009 (that for years, and I used my toes to count), the prices on average have inflated by 170%. It said that in no time including the great wars has the price gone up as much.

    Of course I was bitching about it to a friend who own a local grocery. Telling him how can people afford it. if this continues by Thanksgiving/Christmas the holiday food will not be hams! He laughed and knowing me for awhile asked me if I had priced any of the places I used to use to ship special foods to customers. Check to see what they cost today.

    I went to 2 places I had used frequently, a BBQ joint in Texas, and a rib joint in Ala. The ribs are not too too bad. Spare ribs 32.00/slab. BUT a whole brisket is 194.00, oh but include a 2 day freight....ROFLMAO They throw in 3 lbs. of homemade sausage with that brisket, I guess their conscience bothered 'em.

    We just need to organize, we have folks in all the states and start shipping!! I think I can make money on a brisket, and throw in 3 lbs of sausage too!

    I guess its all going thru the roof. I need to go out to the barn and clean out the old hog pens and head to the auction house!
  17. I need more friends like you. Feel free to send me some of that beef, I can PM my address to you. LOL
  18. mneeley490

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    Cash & Carry has brisket for $2.99 lb, and boneless pork butts for $1.99 lb. right now. I guess that's about the best we can expect these days.
  19. noboundaries

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    Beef prices were impacted by drought conditions in the midwest and reduced pasture land.  Smaller herds and animals reduced supply, driving prices up to what is now record levels.  The good news is we may see a small reduction in price by the end of the year since the drought has eased and ranchers take advantage of the higher prices. 

    Pork prices are due to the piglet virus and we are just seeing the start of the impact now. 

    Poultry prices are on the rise too due to increased demand as folks shift their buying dollars.

    Next year it will be something else.  It's all cyclical.      

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