Unlimbered the ol' Black Pots. . .

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Jul 7, 2005
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Broke out the Dutch Ovens Sunday. Thought I'd help keep the house cool and do the cooking outside. Turkey legs and a turkey breast in the GOSM and in the Dutch Ovens I had two types of corn bread, baked Mac & cheese and for dessert a Pineapple up-side down cake.

Need to upload the digital camera to the 'puter, so pics will be posted later.

The oldest grandson asked me if I was practicing for a Dutch Oven Cook-off. By the time everything was done and served, I felt like I had been in a cook-off!! Hmm-I'm going to have to look at the local schedule and see what's available for the rest of the year.
I also poured the coals to our DO's this past Saturday. One was smothered pork chops, the second was garlic-cheese bisquits, while the third was just a veggie medley with smoked summer sausage. Had homemade fresh peach ice cream for a finale, but I was wishing we had a forth oven for some fresh blackberry cobbler.
While I was cooking Sunday, Ma Dutch reminded me that I have 3 D.O. of mine and 3 D.O. of friends that need to be seasoned. Seems like the darn things are like coat hangers-leave 'em alone and ignore them and they breed!! At last count IIRC, I have about a dozen working D.O's that range from 10 inch to a monster 16 inch deep.
Wow, I thought I was doing good with just two... man, I'm a DO featherweight!
Hawg, some of my DO's where received as prizes for competing in Cook-offs.

When I first started cooking w/Dutch Ovens I bought a 12 inch and a 14 inch oven. Then I needed a 14 deep and bought one then I needed a 10 incher and bought one then realized that I needed a 10 deep and bought that. . .a couple of 12's where given to me by folks that gave DO cooking a try but didn't get bit by the castironitis bug; so they gave their ovens to me cuz they knew they where going to a good home. My latest piece of cast iron is a cast iron roaster that I'll be using for breads.

BTW, did I also mention that I have 7-8 different cast iron fry pans? Guess you could say that between my DO's and my fry pans, I've reach "Iron Head" status.
Good Grief Dutch - If you ever have to move all that CI at once you're gonna need a big truck. How many of those bad boys have you had fired up at one time?
PC, I have moved them all, once- that was just over a year ago (Okay-my son's carried them to the truck and I supervised). I have had 9 of 'em going at once- 3 pots each of meat, taters and cobbler. When I compete I'll take along 5-6 ovens even though I'm cooking three items. I'll use the others for prepping and I've even let an other competitor use one of my ovens when they realize that they need at larger/smaller pot or they didn't bring enough.
Well, I guess I am not TOO much of a lightweight then if I can include all my iron skillets... I literally have a ton of them. They are all I use when a skillet is needed.
Here are the pics of last Sunday's dinner.

In the first DO we have Jalapeno and Cheese corn bread. Next we have some turkey legs finishing up on the grill. For those folks that didn't want legs, we have some smoked turkey breast and if that doesn't fill you up we have some DO Mac and Cheese. I made an other oven of corn bread-this has cheese in it for those that don't like jalapeno's.




And of course, you gotta save room for dessert!!
Nice lookin food comin out of that iron!!! I'm taking the family camping next week so I will most certainly be using my Black iron over the open fire pit..I will post pics as soon as I get back to civilization!!!!
You could, but I didn't with this one.
Good looking grub there!

So, how did you like the turkey legs? They are one of my favorites. Cast iron is also the best for corn bread don't ya think? The upside down cake looks great too, but I never had the self control to save room for desert, I always have to MAKE room for desert!
That's what I'm talking about right there Dutch.
Man after looking at that I may have to fire those puppies up again this weekend. And if I do I can promise that one will be a blackberry cobbler. Maybe some corn bread and some green beans with new potatoes......
That's some really fine looking vittles! Sometimes, I'm really tempted to try the old DO trick but with all my current hobbies, I'm afraid I may end up in divorce court. I'll tell the truth though, that pineapple upside down cake just about pushed me over the brink.... that's one of my favorites. Good pictures!
As promised I broke out the cast iron over the weekend!!! Had to clean up & season a few but then it was time to gettum over the heat...My 13 year old son made a brown sugar&cinnamon cake in a chicken fryer.. While I put together a Beef chuck roast with all the veggies in a D.O....As the pictures show our collection may be more of an addiction....Can't seem to pass one up if I find it @ a sale or someone is willing to let me have it....There loss is my gain!!!!!!!



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