Italian Night at the Relleno's

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I'll need an address and I'll bring Ice (because that whats the non-cooks are told to bring) because there is nothing I can add to that beautiful meal.
Thank you.
Absolutely phenomenal John!! A truly spectacular effort. Kinda reminds me of going to Cracker Barrel where they bring your meal on 6 plates but no doubt the food at Casa Chile is vastly better!!

Aw schucks Robert, thanks.
But it was all too simple, the chicken and shrimp, and the sauce just takes a little time.
Wow wow wow
Appreciate it.
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Five star as usual Chile! Sauce is money for sure and man I’d murder that antipasto too. I’m sure the family was more than pleased.
Thanks, the antipasto was the star of the show for me.
And the sauce is a family favorite here.
OMG!!! You continue to blow me away with your cooks!
That looks amazing!
- Jason
Thanks, it tasted as good as it all looked.
But really, not much to this meal cooking wise.
Chiller, that some fine din din cooking there. It would fit into my one a day meal plan!
Dinner was very satisfying, thanks for the compliment.
Sauce sounded so good we made it tonight to top some grilled cobia fillets. The cobia was marinated in a lemon base marinade and your sauce really set it off. My wife liked it so much she wondered if we could keep the extra in the frig for some chicken we have planned for Tuesday.
Very happy to hear you tried and liked it, especially the wife.
Ya know what they say about a happy wife.

Be aware that the sauce will likely separate, add a little milk in the bottom of the saucepan before reheating, whisk vigorously to re-emulsify.
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