tomorrow's bird business

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
we were gone all day & it's raining now(finally getting rain here lately) so since mom is in town we bribed her into frying her homemade chicken,mashed taters,& cream gravy. tomorrow will be a smoked turkey and my first whack @ pastrami. i'll post & do pics as i go as usual. i'll be using deejay debi's tips & tricks for pastrami. wish me luck.
Good luck! I'll be monitoring your progress carefully as pastrami is on my list!
Good luck Gypsy and say hi to Mom for us! Let me know how the pastrami works for you and if you have any questions I'm here for ya!
watching the weather. grr..... it's supposed to be 40% chance so i may get a late start. just in case,i have 1 of the meatloafs,a lb.of brisket,& my kingcrab stuffed mushrooms thawed for backup,plus the pulled ham from the other day.
Sounds like a great smoke....stay positive and the weather will work out!
One thing I have learned is, you will never be able to beat Moms fried chicken and taters or pies,cakes,potato saland matter how hard you try.
check out my redneck rain break- damn i didn't even need duck(duct)tape- yeah i thought after the fact - lightning(i should know- aluminum ladder/ex-electrician)but i was desperate... rain stopped, cooking now, getting the smoke on hard & fast(o thick bleu smoke)then the low heat- mesquite- maybe oven finish(tent foil- wrap for the past.) cause mom's flight is 2 hrs earlier(nashville) than we knew about & a trip to the gibson guitar showcase room & the old opry- pics of that too coming. - so basically i'm up till midnight tonight cooking & up by 6 manana(tomorrow) so we can play tourist in nashville & take pics- i will explain the "old mulkey church" pics in a couple day.. meats smokin', fires low, the color is coming. p.s. debi- i did the after rub before the smoke cause i didn't trust wally, but i will follow the rub(what falls off) again before the refrig wrap/rest for 3 days.
Damn's a good thing your under them big trees. One good lighting strike and that chicken would be flash cooked.

I think you been watching too many McGuyver re-runs....
Gypsy -

Did you brine the meat first? It looks raw. First you brine, then you rub, then you smoke - unless that's a corned beef but it doesn't look like one, ten you just rub - but you have to wait 2 to 3 days after the rub is applied.

Nice rain break there looks like a day at the beach! Just get away if the lighting comes back!
lol thats a t-bird & pastaroni- i just pulled the past. here's the latest pics- i'm pulling the "tom" in an hour- resting(while watching frasier) then wrapping/slicing tomorrow w/ finish pics- pastrami 2-3 days later sliced as per d.debi- p.s. i did the end rub before the smoke cause i didn't trust wally's brine marinade.. next past. will be perfect-i will get a 15lb packer & do debi's to a tee. here's pics so far. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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