Smoked Beef Back Ribs

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Back before Christmas, Publix ran bone-in rib roast, AKA Prime Rib, on sale. I purchased a few to cut into steaks for the freezer. I removed the ribs and vacuum sealed them for the freezer. I took out 2 racks to smoke on my Ok Joe Highland since I can lift the lid on it right now.

So here we go...

Two 4 bone racks of beef back ribs...
View attachment 655138

One rack was seasoned with Heath Riles Honey Chipotle and the other with my concoction. The Heath Riles was a Christmas gift and has a little heat to it right out of the shaker. I was curious how it would be smoked...
View attachment 655139

On the smoker running around 250℉ with White Oak...
View attachment 655140

About 5 hours later they probed tender, even though they had very little pull back, and were around 200℉ so time to pull...
View attachment 655142

Sides were simple, steamed broccoli and shredded cheese, my 6 year old granddaughter's favorite, and simple homemade mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy I made. Time to eat...
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A couple of things were wrong with this. The ribs could've easily gone longer as they were definitely not FOTB tender. I put the broccoli in the steamer and a friend stopped by and got me distracted, the broccoli was overcooked but that didn't stop anyone from eating it. I should have made a cheese sauce instead of just shredded cheese. I have more ribs so I'll get a chance to make it better, hopefully. As for the Heath Riles Honey Chipotle, the smoked ribs were not spicy at all, pretty good actually. Will work well with pork ribs.

Physical therapy has been rough, but things are improving. No pain, no gain I guess. Felt good to be back smoking again even if it wasn't on my big offset, but that will come soon enough, or so they tell me. More important is getting back out on my boat fishing...:emoji_wink:🤣
Next round I think you'll have it! I've never done back ribs but when doing short or plate the place to check most for tenderness is where the meat and the bone come together. If its tender in those spots all over it's ready. I often find that to be around 204-205F.

Good test run and you'll get it sorted out. Also keep on that recovery man. Hopefully it's all in the rearview mirror soon :)
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Picture perfect! Whole meal looks great! What kind of boat you got? I also enjoy throwing away a lot of money every year on such things....
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