T-Bone Dinner For Good Friends (Pics)

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
Lago Vista, Texas
Finally got some time to spend with our best friends. She's had some minor health issues and he underwent back surgery not long ago and they were kinda out of pocket for a while. Decided to extend an invite for a nice steak dinner and they readily accepted. Got three big t-bones out that I cut from a huge CBP primal shortloin roast. These are very close to qualifying as porterhouses but I'm not gonna take a chance misrepresenting them so scaling back to t-bones. This was yet another meal that was somewhat minimalist. Steak, salad, and loaded baked potatoes. I did cook up some homemade bacon crumbles for the taters, which was a really nice addition.

The steaks

The seasoning I used. I'm pretty sure I got this from our very good friend Warren ( HalfSmoked HalfSmoked ) in our Christmas exchange. Never used it for "blackening" steaks but the flavor is absolutely outstanding. Some really good stuff

Steaks seasoned

Onto the Weber indirect with a couple chunks of mesquite

Steaks all done

The whole spread

My dinner. The ladies split one steak so Rick and I each got our own

Missed getting a sliced shot of the steak but it was spot on medium rare. I sure do love having a good instant read thermometer :emoji_wink: It takes so much of the guess work out of cooking meat exactly the way you want it done. The flavor of these steaks was outstanding. Between the seasoning and the smoke flavor from the grill...WOW. All in all another successful dinner that was not over-the-top complicated. Simple and basic but well executed. I'll take that every time!!

Thanks once again for dropping in. Y'all take care, stay safe, remain diligent, and have a great weekend. I know it's only Friday but my weekend started 3 hours ago :emoji_astonished:

Nice meal. And very cool to help out your friends. And you inspired me to get some steaks out of the freezer. I was wondering what to do for dinner.
That looks delicious! It's hard to beat a properly prepared steak! Nice job Robert!

Simple and basic but well executed for sure! It would be mightily hard to turn down an invite for a steak dinner like that.
Awesome Plate, Robert!!
Nice Steaks!!
I quit buying T-bones around here. I think they come from retired Russian Wrestling teams. If I ever get any from my stores again, they will have to go through my SV first.

Nice supper. There ain't no need to ask, " WHERE'S THE BEEF? " It's at Robert's House!...JJ😆
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I don't need to imagine, I KNOW how delicious that hunk of beef is! Perfection on a plate, fantastic piece of work amigo! RAY
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