Let's Take a Ride on the Wayback Machine to 1959 ~ Beef Steaks

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Loved Adolph's steak flavor, hate they quit making that flavor, we were poor growing up and never grilled that I can remember, had some family friends that had a grill and hot dogs and hamburgers were a big treat 1-2 times a year, I have made up for it when I grew up lol. we use to have a lot of cookouts before Covid and now prices are jacked up so bad we won't have as many, I turned 62 and took early retirement 2 weeks ago and loving it so far, I hope to get back to some smoking and sausage making soon. seen a lot of changes since the 60's, not all good but not all bad, I still like to fire up the cast iron for a steak,
I remember eating flank steak quite often growing up, and occasionally a couple of other cuts. One thing I always looked forward to was the blood bread. Mom would soak up all the meat juices from the cutting board with a slice of white bread, and give it to me. I always looked forward to that.

For the most part all steaks were cooked inside by my mom. Once in a while dad would fire up the charcoal grill.

For steaks and the once a year ribs a grill similar to this was used:

For burgers and dogs:

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