T-Bone Dinner For Good Friends (Pics)

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And you inspired me to get some steaks out of the freezer. I was wondering what to do for dinner.

Glad I was able to give somebody an idea. Can't wait to see what you have going. I do have an idea though....:emoji_wink:

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Ahhh! A perfect steak dinner! All the best when sharing with friends and it all comes together like you pulled off. Top notch in my book!
Yes great looking meal, and nice to start sharing with good friends

Thank you David and yes, it was really nice to see them again. We've been best of friends for about 20 years and their absence was a noticeable void in our lives

Simple and basic but well executed for sure! It would be mightily hard to turn down an invite for a steak dinner like that.

Thank you Joe. The simple approach has been my mainstay this Summer due to the busy schedule. Weird part though, nobody ever seems to invite me to a steak dinner. I guess I'm just not welcome at their house :emoji_laughing:

I quit buying T-bones around here. I think they come from retired Russian Wrestling teams

Thanks Bear. I hadn't eaten a porterhouse or t-bone for years till I lucked into the CPB shortloin roasts. Those babies have been a game changer!!

Love how the steak takes up 3/4 of the plate and you got a tiny bit of room for sides. That's how it should be done right there.

Appreciate it my friend. That's actually the reason for no cut shot. I'd have destroyed the plate trying to slice it for a pic. They are some big steaks though.

Nice job Robert!
Those steaks look excellent!

Thanks so much Al. Steaks came out nice. Due to not having to keep up with a million other things I was able to stand over these like an old mother hen and make sure they came out well.

I don't need to imagine, I KNOW how delicious that hunk of beef is! Perfection on a plate, fantastic piece of work amigo!

Awesome accolades my friend. Thank you. Glad you were able to enjoy the little stuff I sent your way. Those steaks are really hard to beat.

Ahhh! A perfect steak dinner! All the best when sharing with friends and it all comes together like you pulled off. Top notch in my book!

You'll get no arguments from me. You're 100% correct. Decent food made better by great company. That is top notch and thank you!!

Now that's a meal that's hard to beat !

Very much appreciate it. Keeping things simple allows me to focus on things instead of being spread out all over the place balancing a dozen different things.

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