Stuffed duck

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 9, 2005
A friend of ours had given us a package of duck breast meat a few months back and I came across that package just the other day. I took it out along with a london broil and a couple of country ribs. We were having a few guests over for dinner Monday night and wanted to make a variety of meats to cut into bite sized pieces/strips to eat with french bread slices toasted on the grill. A nice big ol' tossed salad and some wine to go with it. I came across a great recipe for the duck breast. I had all of the meat marinated in mojo with a dash of soy sauce soy the night before. The duck meat was boneless (that's what the recipe called for, as luck would have it), and I cut them into 4 pieces. I then cut a slit in the meat - not cutting the skin - to form a pocket. The recipe called for some softened cream cheese, salt, pepper and some diced jalepenosmixed together. This makes the filling to stuff inside the duck "pockets". Then wrap each piece of duck with bacon and hold together with toohpicks. I dusted the outside of the duck with some salt pepper and garlic powder.

I smoked the duck, beef and pork with cherry for just about an hour and a half. I didn't want them to smoke all the way, and time was a factor here as our guests were due to arrive soon. I then grilled the meat and folks, let me tell ou, I received all kinds of compliments over the duck. It was absolutely delish! Try it sometime - you'll love the combination of the smoky, zesty duck meat filled with the spicy cream cheese - heavenly. Here are some pics for you guys to drool over.

~ Sam
seems like I'm having some trouble uploading pics....they will come soon once I figure this out....sorry!
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