Spinning a Duck

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Missed this thread somehow....I'm late, and no help anyway with domestic duck. I cook plenty of wild though, just very beast altogether. Looks like it all worked out....duck looks awesome indeed!!
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This was a huge success, very delicious indeed. So here is the liquid gold, a little dark but don’t be fooled.


Then the finished bird.


Then sliced and parted, not much meat on these.


Then the plate shot with steamed asparagus cooked with onion and bacon with just a splash of garlic. Then roasted Yukon gold potato’s in the duck fat.


This was very delicious, and that apricot glaze was fantastic here. The flavors meld very well to make a real balanced tasting meal. Will definitely do duck again, so worth it.
Great looking duck Eric! I like to idea you came up with to replace the common orange sauce with apricot-soy. Definitely made note of that for next duck.
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Man oh man that is tasty looking plate of food! I haven’t had duck in a long time but rather enjoy it!
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If the weather breaks like it’s supposed to, I’m planning on spinning a duck on the Webber kettle. Really never have messed with farm raised duck they usually are $$$$$, but I found some about 3.5# for $25.00 still pricey but doable. It is a 12% solution duck or “enhanced “.

Looking for seasoning advice and general cooking guidelines. I will truss it, I will score the skin on the breast, and I cannot do any kind of orange sauce because Im feeding someone with an orange allergy.

I will place an aluminum pan under to catch the duck fat gold and use it with potatoes. Otherwise any and all advice is welcome. What say you SMF?
I did some duck a while back and posted this on it.

It's basically a variation of a recipe I took from Chuds BBQ.


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Great colour and crisp to your duck

I have only had duck once, it was chewy and oily and you had to watch for the lead pellets, hard to get that out of my mind to try one myself.

I cook a LOT of wild game meats. Been cooking wild duck since I was a kid. Wild birds are like cooking a turkey-each part is best cooked different ways to different temps so it is best to part them out. We use to parboil the legs and thighs at the camp in onion soup mix and water, then grill them with cajun seasoning. Final touch was a fruit glaze...or a pineapple/orange glaze. Wholly cow is that good!!! Makes great appetizers at the camp when cooking ducks for supper that will take 4-5 hours to be ready.
Thank you all for following along and for all of your generous comments and likes, I do much appreciate it.

As to the duck, it was amazingly delicious. Rich, juicy and a do again for sure. The apricot soy glaze paired perfectly with this meat. I would suggest that anyone on the fence about trying duck do so and jump off the fence. A very worthy meat. That tasted like a rich version of chicken dark meat but better than chicken. It also loves the smoke and a good sear is necessary to crisp the skin and make sure the fat renders. The duck was made for the rotisserie.
I would suggest that anyone on the fence about trying duck do so and jump off the fence.
Yeah, well it's about a 30 dollar jump for a frozen domestic duck around here. Me and most of the family prefer white chicken meat so I don't know how well duck will go over, being more like dark meat.
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