Smoked Potato Gravy Bombs and Smoked pork steak, sliced and fried

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Jan 27, 2021
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Smoked Potato Gravy Bombs and Smoked pork steak, sliced and fried

Yes Gravy bombs again, last time I said I wanted more Gravy inside . So found a bigger container instead of the ice cube tray that I got in trouble using last time, lol

Yes Easter egg cups, filled , froze and than made the mashed potato . Added pepper salt and green onions and parsley

DSC_0001_BURST20230409150656636.JPG DSC_7119.JPG DSC_7121.JPG

DSC_7168.JPG DSC_7177.JPG

Put the two sides together to make the shape of the egg, insert the gravy into the potato, make a ball. roll in the flour, egg and milk, than the bread crumbs, right into the freezer for 30 minutes. get the smoker up to approx. 350 deg. with Cherry chunks ( sprayed the balls with cooking spray so the bread crumb coating crusted up )

Earlier I coated the pork with Jeff's ( TulsaJeff TulsaJeff ) Texas style Rub, first time to use this one . I really like it . Let wait in the fridge for couple hours
Than into the smoker same time as the potato bombs. The pork was removed in about 40 minutes, the potatoes 60 minutes.

DSC_7180.JPG DSC_7181.JPG
DSC_7185.JPG DSC_7187.JPG

Sliced the pork into nice size pieces, into the CI with onions and mini corn and a bit of the gravy. Saved some of the smoked pork for other plate later.

DSC_7188.JPG DSC_7190.JPG

Bring out the potatoes and plate up


And the final close up shot, of this fun and very tasty pork, and the Smoked Mashed gravy Potato Bombs .
A great plate of food


Thanks for hanging around to the end



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Meat, taters, gravy, and just enough veggies to call it a balanced meal! What is not to love!!!!


Thanks Jim for the love and the comment

Yes it was a full rounded meal, and I'm with you on the veggie thing, but some times I will throw a salad into the mix, lol

But who does not like a nice plate of potato-meat -and gravy :emoji_yum: :emoji_yum: :emoji_yum:

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Wait... there were vegetables? :emoji_blush:
That looks delicious David! I'll have a plateful please... with a side of gravy shots!


Thanks Ryan for the comment

There was a couple vegies , BUT I don't call potatoes or onions veggies... they are just a given in this house. Plus a big drink of gravy.

I was going to tag Robert and yourself because of the gravy, but I thought you might sniff it out sometime.

We did have a big BBQ with mashed and gravy the other day also and thought of you also. But I did not post as not smoke on that meal.

I will post it in this thread just to show you what we call comfort food up north . It was a nice day so lit the Q :emoji_sunglasses: :emoji_sunglasses:

Oh gosh! Another great looking plate!


Thanks again Jim for the love and the comment

Yes this one I just through in as it really was not a smoked meal, thats why it did not have it's own thread.
That is just me, but it was a very good plate of food, it was nice to BBQ on a nice day for a change, instead of cold and blowing

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