Peach and Lemon Pulled Pork ( Peach and Cherry Glaze ) / Mashed Potato Cheddar Herb Rolls ( 2 posts in one ) LONG

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Jan 27, 2021
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Peach and Lemon Pulled Pork ( Peach and Cherry Glaze ) / Mashed Potato Cheddar Herb Rolls

Have not posted or smoked since mid January. Lots of personal stuff, and a couple family losses. Hate getting older as my circle of people are also.
But thats an other time , not now .

So title might be confusing, Soaked for 24 hours a pork shoulder ( 5.5 Lb ) in peach and lemon marinate.
Brought out of fridge and covered in SPG , sit for 30 while bringing the smoker up to 275deg. with Cherry chunks and charcoal briquettes


Into the smoker early today at 10 am. Hoping for a supper time feed. Finally a path to the smokers shack is open and the weather is nice at plus 5 C with a very light wind


12.JPG 11.JPG

Made a glaze while the roast was smoking away. Peach juice, Br. sugar, my Cherry Rhubarb jam, and lemon juice. Tasty
Also found a recipe for North Carolina Mustard Sauce, so made a batch of that also for dipping my PP sandwich in .
I know there are probably many styles , but this one seemed very good and it is .

8.JPG 9.JPG 10.JPG

Back to the Pulled Pork. Every 2 hours +/- i would glaze the roast with the Peach Cherry. Stopped adding cherry chunks after 4 hours also


PART 2 Post. Kind of all day while doing the PP
Also early today I also made some Mashed Potato bread and shaped them into 6" kind of sub buns and added cheddar cheese and herbs.
This turned out very good . Wanted them for the Pulled Pork . Here is a not so quick how I do. ha ha

Mashed potato, as the base than , yeast salt sugar etc. ( can pass alone the recipe if wanted )

DSC_9341.JPG DSC_9342.JPG DSC_9351.JPG
DSC_9352.JPG DSC_9353.JPG


These are approx 6/7" long. My tea cup there to show size. These smell amazing and soft . A great bun/roll for the PP

OK , back to the meat.
The pork was done at approx 199/201Deg, depending on where I poked her, probe tender,

Pulled and wrapped in foil for about 30 minutes. Pulled and poured on the golden juice from the foil wrapper ( the bone with a little tug came out very clean )


OK finally the finish

My plate , little fries and ketchup ( Heinz ) bowl of my North Carolina Mustard sauce for dipping, And a loaded bun with lots of PP and
my Bread and butter pickles inside and a layer of the peach Glaze


Well I know this was very long and I hope you stayed to the end.
It was a fun day to get back to a little smoking and put away some of the weather worries and other things.

Thanks guys for stopping by.



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Looks fantastic.. You were busy. Great job !!

Thanks Mike for the love and the comment

WOW, posted and just went up and made a tea. Came back down and on the Carousal. Good timing must have been an openinglol

Honestly, it is always an honour to make it to the feathered area.

Yes Mike it was a nice day of just let my mind go and cook for the day. Fun and relaxing. And a nice meal to boot.

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Man you were a busy beaver! All looks fantastic and that glaze is bad super flavorful. That end plate of food is a feast.
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Wow! That looks crazy good! I'm gonna have to try it next time I do pulled pork!

Thanks Keith for the love and the comment

It was a good meaty shoulder , not a lot of fat, just had to remove a strip of skin . I was surprised it did take on a peach smell from the over night. And then with the glaze wow. Both the peach and the cherry Rhubarb made a great combo.
The sweetness of the pork and glaze with the sharpness of the mustard dip. I was a happy camper.

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Man you were a busy beaver! All looks fantastic and that glaze is bad super flavorful. That end plate of food is a feast.

Thank Jeff for the like and the comment

Busy yes , but loved it all, just doing the food and escape the other stuff for a while.
Came out very nice . And yes the glaze was very good also, not overly sweet, just enough to really
brighten up the pork . But then with the NC mustard sauce WOW, you are right a feast.

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