Indian Smoked Spiced Ribs with Aloo Bonda ( Potato Snacks/ street potatoes )

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Jan 27, 2021
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Indian Smoked Spiced Ribs with Aloo Bonda ( Potato Snacks/ street potatoes ) And Sweet Tamarind Chutney

Been on an Indian food trip for the last few meals and this is one I have been looking forward to. Very good meal and lots of nice smells and flavours and a little heat at the end once finished .

Trimmed up a nice rack of ribs and cut in half, just cause, lol Mixed up the spices and good coat on the ribs and into the fridge for 24 hours.
Next day ( today ) into the smoker with black cherry and apple chips and chunks, at 250/260 deg . And finally a couple nice days here . Sunny and 7 deg. " C ".


While the ribs are rolling in the smoke I made up the Sweet Tamarind Chutney. Quite a blend of spices and Tamarind paste. This is very nice and kind of reminds me of a warm molasses. kinda lol. Let that simmer until it thickens up , about 20 minutes. This wil be a glaze for the ribs at the end and also some for a dipping sauce



3 hours have gone by and time to wrap the ribs in Peach paper with some butter , for an hour


Time to make the Aloo Bonda , this has many ways to spice . I think I read at least 7 recipes and all were a little different in the spice profile
and a little different in the batter also.
Boil the potatoes and mash. No milk or butter , want it to be able to keep its shape. In my CI I fried the mustard seeds , onions and the other spices ( watch the seeds as they like to pop all out of the pan. Ha Ha
Add the mashed to the browned spices and add the greens and lime juice ( it is a sub for one of the spices I did not have ) stir until mixed well. remove from heat and let cool a bit


Hour is up for the wrapped ribs. Remove from paper back on the tray rack and coat with a nice lather of the chutney. Back in the smoker foir 1 last hour



Ok time for the out side cooking on the side burner , Fill up one of my CI's with canola oil. Make the potato balls and set aside while making the batter.
Make the batter, test the oil . yes burns finger so its ready. Off to make a mess. I was surprised the potatoes in the oil turned red, I thought it would be yellow from the turmeric. But pretty to look at.

13.JPG 14.JPG 15.JPG

Of coarse as soon as i had the first few in the oil the propane ran out. Thank god I always have spares down by the Smokers Shack so grab a 30 pounder. And we are on again.


Ok Ribs are ready to come in and the balls are just about finished . time to get it all together.



Two bowls for dipping 1 Cool ranch and the Sweet Tamarind Chutney and some mini Naan breads to clean up the plates



My plate



Well this was a very nice meal and really packed with some different flavours for me , but enjoyed them , and the Chutney was the bomb.

Crispy spicy potatoes and ribs with a bite on the bone. What a fun to do meal. And enough bones for a snake or two for me in the morning.

thanks for making it if you did . I know I really drag these out , Ha Ha

Dammit man does that all look great!
And your tater balls just went on the short list.

Thanks John for the love and the comment

It was a very full flavoured meal. And fun to do.
And you know me , I am all about the potatoes. And this was a new twist again for me.
Like I mentioned above in post, there are quite a few different was to spice them up, all depends on what part of India you are looking at.

David, that is one exquisite looking meal. All that flavor...... I can only try to imagine!


Thanks Dave for the like and the comment

It was full of great flavours and not really burning bum hot , more like black pepper burn a little , and than with the Sweet Chutney . Just wonderful

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Great job on that David! Looks delicious! And just because... could you find a way to deep fry some gravy for my taters, might not fit the indian theme but I have faith in you!

Great job on that David! Looks delicious! And just because... could you find a way to deep fry some gravy for my taters, might not fit the indian theme but I have faith in you!


Thanks Ryan for the like and the comment

It was a very nice and full of flavour kind of meal. And yes even though the gravy might not have gone with the Indian theme I was also thinking about the Aloo Bonda would be nice instead of the Chutney, a big bowl of gravy to float them in.

As for deep fried , I will get my thinking cap going, but for now you will just have to dream while looking at my Gravy bombs from before
( Mashed potato balls with hot gravy inside )


Wow David, you folks that come from the land of ice and snow sure do eat well. That plate looks great.

Point for sure
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