PG 13 some fowl words used in this clip.

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by forktender, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. forktender

    forktender Meat Mopper

    This is a must see !!!!
    Well being a waterfowl hunter and a dog trainer i got a real hoot out of this clip a friend sent me.........enjoy !!!!!

  2. travcoman45

    travcoman45 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    That goose had exactly one more chance then I'd a given it! Here's the windup then the pitch! Just like startin a model T!
  3. forktender

    forktender Meat Mopper

    that bird would'nt of lasted long in my boat.
    My Dog would of killed it the second it got within 10" of my boat.
  4. seboke

    seboke Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Think I'd have a broken oar and smoked goose fer dinner!
  5. jfoust

    jfoust Smoke Blower

    Exactly! I woulda cracked that thing in the neck, killed the boat and gone back to fire up the GOSM!

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