Another " Gut instinct " Goodwill score .

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Had some stuff I wanted to get done this morning , going to Goodwill wasn't one of them . I get these damn nagging thoughts " Go to Goodwill " I know , sounds nutty , but the last time that happened I found a brand new in the box Weber smokey Joe for 12 bucks .
So I took the dog to the park , and wanted to get over to Gordon's food service . Goodwill is in the other direction , so I'll just forget it today .
Leaving the park , and sure enough I find myself driving towards Goodwill . It's like I don't even have a choice .
So I get there , walk inside , right to an isle and walk to the end ( like I know what's there ) . I see a beat up box on the bottom shelf . Trying to figure out what it is , but I can't tell because the box is so beat up . Flip the lid open ,,, Heck no ! Get out my phone do a quick search , then find the price tag .
You're coming with me . Paid and back in the truck . I bet I wasn't in there 5 minutes .
This is about what I saw when I walked to the end of the isle ,
Flipped open the lid of the box ,
Inside ,
Brand new never used 12" 8 qt. camp oven .
The in store search told me between 70 and 85 dollars retail .
$25.36 . You can't leave without it for that , whether you want it or not .
Never heard of that brand , but the lid fits good .
Turns out ( just looked ) it's made in China . Have to do so research before I fire it up .
For 25 bucks I'll use it for display . Still happy I got it . I've read that the concerns were for the older China stuff .
I'll have to do some reading .
Great score Rich! I agree, you weren't leaving without it. Now I feel like going to Goodwill.
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I am a regular at Goodwill stores but I am on the prowl for books. I've bought quite a few Stephen King first edition first prints for under 2$ each. Most of them are worth 50-150$

My stores NEVER have anything good kitchen related, but I'm always looking
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I've never been to a Goodwill store and there's a fairly new, huge one that's not too far away. I need to check it out...
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There's always been talk about lead in the asian made stuff , or you don't know what's in the mix .
There is so much of this stuff on shelves of big box stores I doubt there's an issue with it . It's rough , but no sharp edges and the lid fit really nice . We'll see what it's like when it gets hot .

I'm gonna get it seasoned up real good , then do a test cook of some store bought biscuits .

Washed it good with hot soap and water .

I am a regular at Goodwill stores but I am on the prowl for books. I've bought quite a few Stephen King first edition first prints for under 2$ each. Most of them are worth 50-150$
Nice . I look at the books now and again .
Being regular is key to finding something . I usually go on Mondays . Thought being people clean out clutter on the weekends .
About a week after christmas is a good time too . Out with the old after the gifts are opened .

Every now and then I'm not even thinking about it , and it pops into my head to go to Goodwill . That's when I find the good stuff .

This one in town is the one I go to the most . Huge kitchen section . I've got some really nice Revere ware skillets and Corningware dishes from that one .

Key is you have to go to find stuff . If it gets dry , then I wait 2 or 3 weeks , or If I see a bunch of cars in line to drop stuff off , I'll go in 2 days . Gives them time to get the stuff put put .

I just thought some guys would be interested . Thanks for lookin . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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