All Smoked , Picnic Shoulder, Mac and Cheese, cast iron cornbread, MC honey Bacon BBQ Rub ( not for PP )

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Jan 27, 2021
Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia ,Canada
All Smoked , Picnic Shoulder, Mac and Cheese, cast iron cornbread, MC honey Bacon BBQ Rub ( not for PP )

This is one of the bags of rub I received from family of my friend that passed Jan 1st . Here's to you Gregg

7.5 pound pork shoulder picnic, trimmed a little but left on the skin, I am not going to pull for PP, but break into pieces for roasted on plates

All rubbed and rested for 30 minutes while the smoker came to temp, 280/300 deg. with mesquite chunks and hickory chips on a small bed of charcoal to get it started.


After about 2 hours in I sprits about every hour with mix of 250 mil water, 250 mil pineapple juice, 150 white vinegar.
TBS rolling nicely . With this is in its last 3 hours I started to prep up the sides .
The Mac and Ch, I prefried the bacon and the onions. Made my cheese sauce.

3.JPG . 4.JPG


Shoulder coming along nice, this is about 5 hours in.


Mac is ready to go in so mix up my cornbread ( this is my best recipe for cornbread ) it holds together well and has a nice sweet taste and texture.
I also found a while back a couple little Betty Crocker CI frying pans 6 " for $4.75 each to go with the CI dishes I found before also. These are fun to use.
So mixed up the cornbread , I added chives this time not Jalapenos , that is the green in the mix.

9.JPG 11.JPG 12.JPG 13.JPG

Everybody into the smoker , as it is in the last hour or so. ( I put the mac and ch in for 30 minutes with out the extra layer of cheddar on top )


Brought everything out and let the roast rest for 30 + minutes while set the table and got ready.


Pulled apart and cut up into serving pieces, Stood back while the lady's did up their plates. I heated up the juice from the pan drippings to pour over the roast , it was great .




Last pic, it was very tender and full of flavour. Sorry for the pic of eaten on plate. Just showing that it was pull apart on the plate for sure


Well this was a good meal, and the Meat Church from my friend was very nice . I could have even went heavier on the rub for me , Not the ladies ( my god they are hard to please but easy to love , ha ha )
The mac and ch was very good , but my last one with the topping of Mozza instead of cheddar was a little better as I am a Mozza nut . :emoji_yum: :emoji_yum:

The cornbread was very good as always .

Shoulder took about 7+ hours to cook

Well folks , hope you made it this far. Sundays supper was a big hit here at a drizzly 3 deg no wind day, waiting for spring.



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Most excellent looking cook David. Women folk can be finicky at times, but it's worth the frustrations.

Point for sure
Now that's a feast fit for a king! Great smoke David. I tried making mac and cheese last week. I guess I weird, I love the powdered stuff fixed up a little. I gave it to friend who loved it.

Thanks Brian for the love and the comment

I'm no king for sure , but I am at least # 4 in the house right now . Be # 5 when Monas sister comes back from Florida selling her place there, lol
Thanks it was a great smoke and all collected some smoke even though the M&C and cornbread was in later .

I like the box stuff also, but this is better loaded and smoked. Always nice to pass on to others when you can.
I am sending a couple plates with Monas mom who goes to her sister's ( 96 Years old ) place for 2 days every week to go play Bingo. lol

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Most excellent looking cook David. Women folk can be finicky at times, but it's worth the frustrations.

Point for sure

Thanks Chris for the like and the comment

It was a very nice meal , lots of smoke for everyone

And yes they really are worth the trouble .... wait I mean no trouble at all, I think I hear her coming in the room , lol

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Now that's a great cook AND plate of food David ! Mac and cheese and cornbread look killer and glad you like the MC flavors!


Thanks Keith for the love and the comment

Everything cook/ smoked really well and as for the MC Honey bacon BBQ rub, it was nice , but like I mentioned I will try it and maybe a little heavier next time. did not know what to expect.

So 1 down and 3 more to try .

Man, does that all look good, I don't need a fork. I'd be diving in head first. Great cook. 👍

Thanks J for the like and the comment

It was that indeed, and we can accommodate you and leave the silverware off the table, lol
Hands have been known to be used quite often around here .

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