Oven salami?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by friend, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. I found a recipe for oven salami and thought what the heck I'll try it . I made 4 different recipes I have made before the regular way. Mix all spices then wrap in tinfoil, poke holes in bottom to drain oil.
    Put up on racks on cookie sheet to allow oil to drain . Cooked for 1.5 hours at 325 .
    Now into TBS for2 hours cold smoke.
    They look pretty good and smell even better! But how do they taste? Well the texture of dry meatloaf , not so good. But taste good.
    Maybe change cooking temp ( 180 ) and time they could be better, I'll try again , let you know how they turn out!
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Interesting. What's the recipe?
  3. mowin

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    Not surprised they were dry with a 325* start. Maybe try cooking 'em like SS?
    Sounds interesting though.
  4. Ya I figured I would try the recipe as written first. Next time I'll try something like 170-180 until it reaches proper internal temp. Should be much better .
  5. Here is the recipe I followed at first , not so good !
  6. whistech

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    Just remember if you cook at a lower temp and you think the total time will be over four hours, you must use cure one or tenderquick to make the product safe for eating.   Personally, I would use the proper amount of cure one anyway because it will give the salami a better flavor.
  7. mowin

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    Good catch on the cure #1. Def need that if doing the slow cook method.
  8. donr

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    That recipe does call for curing salt.

    2 tbsp for the 2 lbs of meat, Which I think is the correct amount for Tenderquick, or Con Yeagers Quick cure salt.
  9. donr

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    What % fat Ground beef did you use?  As others mentioned cooking at the higher temps will cause fat to render out.  The leaner the beef to begin with the dryer it will end up?

    Do you track the Internal Temp?

    What curing salt did you use?

    I have never really used liquid smoke, so I don't know how much to use.  You said the flavor was good, so I assume it wasn't too smokey, even with the extra TBS.

    When most people cook Summer Sausage, after IT has been reached, it normally gets dunked in an ice water bath to stop residual cooking.  I don't know if you did this, but it may help.  
  10. When I tried the recipe first time I used tender quick second time used instacure 1 .When I make any cooked sausage I always use wireless therm. As far as the Berger goes ,not sure but I'd say about 80- 20. I have made a lot of SS, salami, and various snack sticks with same Berger and it works well. The last batch of oven salami I tried I used the same recipes but cooked at 190 for 3.5 hours until it reached 160
    Then cold smoked for 1 hour. Oh ya ,left out liquid smoke, don't really like it. They turned out much more moist this time. Taste , texture ,color all pretty good. Don't know if that's as good as it gets for this recipe or not. I'll probably mess with this one a few more times. Not bad for made in oven. If you don't have a stuffer it's easy way to go. Just use your favorite SS or salami spices

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