First cook on the CI skillet. NY strip

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Dec 7, 2017
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Finally got my. Ew Lodge CI skillets seasoned and had a couple of NY strips in the freezer that I thawed out to give it a shot. Once they were thawed I dry brined them in the fridge for about 12 hours with just salt uncovered.

Then seasoned them up with salt pepper and a little Montreal.

This is where it got funny. So an article I read said to get the skillet hot on medium high to high heat l, then add oil and sear the steaks.
Well I did that and poof oil lit up in flames my wife freaked out but I just threw the lid on top to put it out.

So once that was all settled haha I put them on and started. They were thin so only took about 3 minutes per side.

Pulled them right around 125* and let them rest while the scalloped potatoes were finishing up in the oven with the 8” skillet.


All in all they turned out pretty good (minus the fire 😂 )seeing how it was my first attempt and kept it pretty simple. Pretty excited to see what else I can do with these. Thanks for all the input from everyone in my other thread.

Hahaha!! There is a learning curve when cooking with CI for sure. Especially if you are used to cooking with traditional non stick pans. Looks like everything came out great though, fire aside! My first time with CI I fried an egg and it basically fused to the pan, Hahaha!! It was not a success.
Nice ! I go in a dry skillet if possible . If the steaks are to wet I'll use oil .
Sear for color , then finish in the oven .
Looks great bud .
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Great looking steaks! And a great learning curve! Now you got me thinking about whats in the freezer for tomorrows dinner........

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HAHA! Great start with a little excitement. Everything looks like it turned out though.

I've found that medium is the new max/high for my CI on my electric range. Basically I set it to medium, let pan heat until the end of the handle is warm - that way I know it's evenly heated throughout.

I usually go straight into a hot, dry pan for meats. I also tend to pat meat dry (when I take it straight from the package) and give a light coat of veg oil then season.

Eggs are different story....
Looks like it turned out pretty good.
For steaks I usually oil pan real good with paper towel, set electric stovetop to medium, then toss on the dry/brined steaks just before pan starts to smoke, cook maybe 2-3 minutes per side for 1" thick steaks.
Fire!!!🔥 Lol. I do steaks dry in the CI (on rare occasion when I need to). If you want a little oil put it in while the skillet is heating so you can see it start shimmering - or smoking! Best thing about steaks in the pan is being able to do the butter baste 👍
Looks great , and nice meal. Glad the cover was handy and quick camera work lol. And no damage and the wife settled down.

Love my CI's and fun to cook with , mine is seasoned quite well and I keep it oiled after every use,

I have been known to add a little oil in one of my pans outside though.

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