Garlic Habanero Honey Pecans

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Aug 1, 2018
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I got an easier way to make my pecans now. I use to roast 6 large heads of garlic. Messy and hard to get garlic out. I roast peeled cloves in oil this time. So much easier. Took about 6 oz of peeled garlic from an 8 oz bag and poured a little over 1/2 cup oil on them. Roasted in 250 degree oven for 2 hours. Wish I would of used 1 cup oil so would of had some left over as this stuff good!


Roasted 7 habanero in my toaster over at 450. Think it was about 3 minutes and turn than another 2. I usually add more than I need because sometimes I mess one up. Fold up in foil for 5 minutes to steam. Heat oven to 350. At this point the house smells amazing.

20240201_133951.jpg 20240201_140001.jpg

Put gloves on and carefully peel skin off and get most the seeds out. I used all 7. My normal is 6.

20240201_141429.jpg 20240201_141729.jpg

Add 1/2 cup the oil from roasting and 1/2 cup honey. Use boat motor blender to mix.


Mix in 10 cups pecans.


Spread onto 2 cookie sheets with silicon mats. Bake 10 minutes. Season with Kenny's seasoning. This stuff perfect for this but use something that sweet and spicy. Stir up and season again. Switch top to bottom and go another 10 minutes. You want a nice brown color. One tray ended up taking another 5 minutes. Season again and stir. These will take a good bit of seasoning. They going to continue cooking on hot sheet pan. Gave another couple stirs first few minutes than spread in single level. They going to stick together as they cool. After cool you can put gloves on and break apart. My friends cant get enough of these. I got 70 lbs before shelling of pecans this year.


20240201_150211.jpg 20240201_153714.jpg
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Heck yeah Brian that’s right up my alley. Nice work bud
Thanks Jake
Really nice, Brian. I'd be right there with your friends...
Thanks Charles
Can I get a bag and a salty dog to go sir?

Come on down to the river bud.
Looks awesome Brian!
Thanks Jeff. I working on a sugar free version for me. I pretty much just give these away.
70 pounds of pecans!?!?!? Ding dang it man!
They go fast making these. Both times when I was dropping off pecans to get cracked and shelled there was someone dropping off over ten 5 gallon buckets. Boy that a lot of work picking out all the bits of shells in them.
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