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Smoke Blower
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Dec 16, 2021
Glendale, AZ
Haven't reached the fun stage yet, but satisfaction appears to be on the horizon. Only one blow out with five pounds. Back in the refrigerator until tomorrow.


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I picked this bottle brush set at the grocery store. They work good on the tubes. I first run a piece of wadded up paper towel to get the worst out, then follow up with the brush.


A blow gun on the air compressor makes quick work of cleaning grinder plates.
Am attempting to recreate a flavor used at a Texas BBQ place called Rudy's. Have had limited success with the taste, no luck with casings however. Having read the proper casing preparation steps from members here, I'm going to continue until I get it right.
Pictures tomorrow.
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Getting good quality casings to work with in the first place makes the whole process much more fun.
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Thanks to all for the compliments! To reiterate, I'm NOT an experienced pit master, and spend more time fumbling around the pit than actual cooking. As an old Air Force airplane mechanic, cooking is far out of my comfort zone. Today I talked with a real live pit master who set me straight on several mistaken ideas I had.
For example, my understanding was that for smoking sausage, the pit temperature could not be allowed to increase above 160℉. In a discussion about my new rec teq RT-1250 I stated I could not use it to cook sausage since the minimum temperature setting is 180℉. He stated that was not true - place the links on the pit, monitor sausage temperature, and when the links hit 152℉ , pull them.
If true, my entire concept needs changing, and the long exposure to pit temperatures I have experienced may well be the reason for tough casings.
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